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Nauroze Anees 18h
Replying to @NickMcKim @KKeneally
4) Dear & , there is a need to hv a serious debate about the Abuse of this "godly powers" of the Minister. In the case went against his department's advise, & granted visas In my case, Minister disregarded his own Dept's advise to release me
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HOW THE HELL is Spud still in office after the RORT?! Seriously?!! Can someone please tell me??! WE FUCKIN NEED A NOW or a FUCKIN GG WITH BALLS. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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Asri Maharani Sep 13
6 countries, 12 provinves, hundred cities & towns, 4 beaches, 3 fun parks
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Dominique V. Sep 13
Twitter can you help me chronicles. Anyone stay in your foreign location after they're contract ended?
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Aɳƚσɳҽƚƚҽ Eɱɳαƈҽ Lσɳȥαɠα Sep 10
I’ve got two kids. 🤗
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Ngumbul Sep 8
don’t forget decision
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Pam Mars Sep 7
A suicidal boy in offshore detention asked to come to Aus for care, Dutton said no. A Vet asking for a visa for his Afghan interpreter, Dutton said no. But stop a mate's Italian au pair, getting deported? Dutton obliged. Twice. Calling it a “humanitarian act.
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