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Karli 🇺🇸 Jul 28
Replying to @KarluskaP
But Cicilline’s committee doesn’t call Horowitz!
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Bill 21h
If toilet paper was necessary for survival we would have evolved cleaner excrement by now. It is not natural for people to wipe their asses with toilet paper in their general life. No amount of government propaganda can change that. Nice to meet you, dude. Shake?
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Jim Jul 31
And your crime statistics in your city show
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Ross Smith IV Aug 1
Look at this jackass. For him, it is a medical decision between him and his doc without gov’t oversight. But for women, gov’t oversight is necessary.
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Sharla Finn official BLB Jul 28
Took being publicly shamed to do the right thing and now posturing himself as virtuous!
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Z Y Jul 26
This will do/say anything to get ahead. , how are you going to call for less testing but also say the spread will only get worse? Oh right, because proving that you aren't doing a ”great job” isn't a good look.
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Johnny 9h
Time to give that his own uniform (XXXXL please)... hand him a rifle and a parachute... And let him fight in one of the many Wars he endlessly promotes.
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Jon Skinner Aug 1
Replying to @Hope012015
Why does the Murdoch clan continue to let this on tv and why do the sponsors continue to buy ad time? Shameful.
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Ed Corporis Jul 27
Here is the best of . This tool has driven NYC into the dirt.
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Rise Up 3h
Please, oh expert from Germany, who is “us”? And please please tell me how our in office is respectful and loving with power? I’m certain you have precise examples.... p.s. to whom are you praying?
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Slim Keith Aug 2
That's NOT accurate or true - For week 30, ending July 25, it was 8.6 Just because you or Trump say it, doesn't make it so. Covid is here, Trump has acted like a baby, as if it affects mostly HIM, instead of manning up.
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Candy Jul 31
They were never real followers how could u be so naive?
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Brian Cislo Jul 26
Replying to @RyanAFournier
Only 100 more days and your soapbox is pulled from under you! Your lies won't have an audience anymore.
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Kevin Benevides 9m
Standing against this moron in chief isn’t standing for something?
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Andrew P.C.J. Ocean, Esquire 9m
Replying to @seanhannity
DeBlasio is SUCH and .
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Quincy Jul 30
It’s all a hoax right? Maybe Louis Gohmert will meet the same fate while taking his hydrochloroquin. ,
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Steve Volkey_Resister Jul 26
Keep in mind , when those cities fall all the red states are going to lose a shit load of money used to prop them up and pay for the food stamps.
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#BlueTsumami2020 #BLM 13h
Replying to @GOPLeader
Oh don't worry Kevin. We're going to do everything we can, legally, to get rid of Trump and like you. YOU'RE FIRED
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Ed Corporis Jul 25
left school a bit to early. How about the +500k white lives lost in the civil war that ended slavery in America. P.S. “ain’t” makes you sound stupid.
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CockyCaster 1h
Replying to @ananavarro
He's in my town. I'm so ashamed. We have so many fools in our county and local government too. It's just awful.
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