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🦙 Mar 14
Replying to @PBSNature
Is true that without the “dust” on their wings a butterfly can’t fly? And, is true that they have a very short life span? Please and thank you 🦋🦋
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Lyceum Learning Institute Jul 15
Learning doesn't stop just because school is out for summer vacation! Our summer pests, mosquitoes, use six needle-like mouthparts to saw into our skin, tap a blood vessel. Watch how they use them at
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Biomimicry Institute Nov 19
An example of how evolution can produce ingenious solutions to the most finicky problems, such as seed dispersal using only air, spacing, and gravity.
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Michelle Graves Nov 1
This report highlights how important fungi are to all life on Earth. When looking for nature-based solutions to some of our most critical global challenges, fungi could provide many of the answers. Thank you !
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drivingrl💚⭐♐ Mar 14
Replying to @PBSNature @PBS
What plants can we plant at home to help feed butterflies?
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Adiel Gavish Sep 6
Ancestral knowledge is not just a human phenomena...
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Hugo Araujo Sep 15
.org Took me many years, lots of help, time and brain. Thanks to everyone, you have inspired me along the way. I am super happy to announce that is the first digital product featured in AskNature! I hope this will inspire many others an…
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naturexoxo Mar 20
recording a new vid with facecam would love some suggestions with the if thist gets10 likes i will give a shoutout to your youtube chanel! :D
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Doc H Aug 22
For years some of my fishing buddies and I have always wondered how do beavers mate? Doesn’t the tail get in the way?
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Me, Myself and Kids Jun 21
reveals what you can't ask your voice assistant
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Audrey Dussutour Nov 28
Inspired by the magnificent Actinia, a organism that ensnares its prey with its tentacles, a team of researchers has developed a new method for efficiently treating water
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Lyceum Learning Institute Jul 22
Last week we took a look at mosquitoes. This week, let's find out the purpose of Earwig pincers? Are they there for self-defense or are they just another body part?
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Adiel Gavish Nov 21
Replying to @UNFCCC @UN
to . Simple - nature should have a seat at the table. Organisms and ecosystems have been “doing” sustainable, regenerative design for billions of years. They know what works.
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Nature on PBS Mar 14
Today is National Learn About Butterflies Day! Ask your questions below and we'll get a butterfly expert to respond.
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Watch this female weevil expertly craft a cocoon-like leaf-roll with a leaf in two days -
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"Forest restoration is the biggest opportunity for climate change mitigation. We will keep it going, with the politicians or without them. We can't stay waiting." Bruno Rutman, inventor of Nucleário
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Emma Eriksson Jun 4
What is the best tree to climb?
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Lisa McCormick Nov 20
. If the periodic table was a checkerboard - we're playing checkers while life is playing chess - creating elegant solutions without heat, pressure or toxic chemicals. Rules create complexity. Thank you for your inspiring work!
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Biohabitats, Inc. 23 Oct 17
Congratulations, Team , winner! Always !
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Adiel Gavish Sep 10
Ancestral knowledge is not just a human phenomenon- “The loss of an animal isn’t just the loss of its body. It's also the death of the knowledge in its brain--and that is not easily replaced.”
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