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Gavan Reilly Sep 24
Replying to @gavreilly
That’s that then - there will not be another candidate on the ballot. The final six: - Casey, Peter (Ind) - Duffy, Gavin (Ind) - Freeman, Joan (Ind) - Gallagher, Seán (Ind) - Higgins, Michael D (Ind) - Ní Riada, Liadh (SF)
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Michael D Higgins Sep 17
This will be the official account for the Michael D Higgins 2018 campaign. Sign up here for updates once the campaign is underway.
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Gavan Reilly 18h
So: - nominations close at 12pm Wednesday - RTE pencils in debate for 1pm Wednesday - Higgins says nominations aren't scrutinised until 3pm Wednesday, so won't attend - RTE arranges its debate for Thursday instead - Higgins can't attend due to earlier Presidential duties
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Gemma O'Doherty 6h
The public have a right to know exactly how much the Presidency is costing them. Efforts by FF/FG/Lab to suppress this information highlight once again the lack of transparency and accountability in Irish political life. What are they afraid of?
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Richard Chambers 3h
Peter Casey says “it’s a bit of a coincidence” that “we go seven years without an intruder in the Áras and we get one the week before ”. Asked if it’s an inside job: “No comment”.
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Confusion reigns over 'bizarre' €317,000 annual allowance to the President
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Michael D Higgins 2h
Are you on Instagram? Follow the official Instagram account for the Michael D Higgins 2018 campaign!
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Ruairí McKiernan 1h
What a sad individual. Irish politics could do without this crap. We have a health crisis, a housing crisis, an environmental crisis & more without putting up with this nonsense.
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JøHñπ¥ 17h
How come in every photo of Sean Gallagher smiling it looks as if his mouth has been photoshopped??
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Rachel McGovern Sep 16
No. You won’t. Because the president can’t promise this, or, if s/he does, can’t act on that promise. The president cannot solve homelessness. More big empty talk from via
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Mark “PRESIDENT”  O’Halloran Sep 17
I do think it is very gallant of Kevin Sharkey to offer his 0% in the polls to Gemma O’Doherty.
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John Boyne Sep 17
I've decided to run for President of Ireland. If you want to be in safe hands for the next 7 years & want a president who understands the job, is good at it, is compassionate, wise & not a crackpot, please vote for me under my birth name of "Michael D Higgins". Thank you.
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Gavan Reilly 22h
Michael D Higgins has handed in his nomination paper for
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Glenna Lynch 4h
You don't canvas for a Presidency in a month, the life you live, the tapestry that you weave through your work and your commitment to the world round you, is your campaign. We judge by the footprint a person has left in our society.
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Roisin Ingle Sep 17
I’m no fortune teller but I predict a lot of money that could be put to much better use is about to be spent by a few people and after it’s spent everything will be exactly the same as it was before
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Simon Harris TD Sep 17
Proud to support President for re-election! Follow him on Twitter to keep up to date with his campaign and his vision
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Cllr. Keith Redmond 3h
1. Stop praising and eulogising dictators who torture and murder their people, 2. Be accountable for what you’re spending and stop hiding what and who you’re spending it on. Then we’d have more confidence in you
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Donal O'Keeffe 4h
I for one cannot see how, a month from , and after six years and 11 months of not looking at presidential spending, the Public Accounts Committee could be accused of being politically motivated in suddenly deciding to do so now.
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Fiachra Ó Cionnaith 2h
C&AG Seamus McCarthy confirms the sitting president receives a €317,000 "allowance" every year which is not audited or taxed. After Mr McCarthy and Mr Fraser say they do not know how it is spent, FF TD Marc Mac Sharry says it is being paid "blind" by the State (1/2)
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David Robert Grimes Sep 16
Now have selected to run for , your reminder that she has made numerous anti-hpv vaccine statements that she has refused to clarify or retract. Gemma O'Doherty was rightly lambasted for this, so too should this candidate.
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Seán Gallagher 3h
I was delighted to be accompanied by my family while delivering my Presidential Election Nomination Papers to the Custom House earlier this morning.
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