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Anonymous_Forest 4h
The story of how and arrived from () and (black moon) and systematically genocided the native archetype race of humans already living here on . This is / level that NEEDS to be shared!
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raj, PhD 🇺🇸✌️🇵🇸 36m
"" ! Ain't it obvious?! All done for criminal rogue regime..... , , , , , , to weaken & break up & for benefit of illegitimate fascist entity "israel". Truth hiding in plain sight for those who want to see!
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we don't follow anyone 2h
cowards fuck all
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we don't follow anyone 12h
it's habits
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IDF Rabbi Jun 12
1.6 million in the have complete and ... ALL of them live in one state: .
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Nancy Jun 15
So umm.. I’m at this party and a bunch of Arabs just formed a dabke line for Taki Taki!! 🤦‍♀️
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🇹🇷 تجمع عرب أنقرة Jun 17
this ((tweet to increase chances of ))meeting in
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Mazin Al-Muhandis 🇩🇪 🇮🇪 Jun 9
T. E. or shaped & . Gertrude Bell or or Al-Khatun mapped & . destroyed (their) MiddleEast! destroyed (their) Iraq!
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محمد حريد Jun 13
I love . They are good people. 🖤
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Global Report Jun 10
Today in History 1916: Mecca,falls to the Arabs as a result of the Great Arab Revolt
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hareth etebe Jun 15
Replying to @JoanSmi54744685
knows that sponsors terrorism in the Arab region and threatens international shipping but does not support America in the face of terrorist . It is racist against the
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Hazeem Ul Hussain Jun 10
Perhaps they should stop funding the by not using petrol and diesel, run their vehicles on water maybe, just saying since the topic is all about boycotting shit...
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we don't follow anyone 14h
Replying to @83farwest @Badworld_1
tamara i mean salma mattar was actually hosting the party on us. all escaped, cowards
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Mohsin Rana 14h
You son of a real Bastard. Having killed millions of if is not a state, how can be blacklisted.
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The Allahu Ak Bar Jun 17
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
I agree with Trump, you can’t trust the Middle East - they lie so much they don’t know the truth and are sneaky rats making nuclear weapons. Fuck them - give them more sanctions as their leaders view their people as less important than weapons.
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1919raceriots Jun 17
Replying to @1919raceriots
16. The white crowds, angered by the fact that they couldn't get to Butetown, tore through and near and . A large of number of boarding houses occupied by , + are located on that street 🇳🇬🇬🇭🇸🇴🇾🇪
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Tribune Life & Style 13h
The are not appreciating 's not-so-funny move
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﷽ Jun 17
"They refused me to have a copy of the 'an in my cell, but what they don't know is that I have memorised it for over 40 years. I just wanted to touch the Qur'an, nothing more" Br. Muhammad Morsi Ex-President (Rahimahullah)
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Dan Poraz Jun 17
Replying to @PorazDan
The Gush Katif agricultural industry also provided livelihood to thousands of Palestinians from and their families. The greenhouses were working places where and coexisted in real life >>
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The Arab Edition Jun 17
Did you know that Mahdia once served as a base for pirates?? Check out this view of the Mediterranean Coast From the Tunisian coastal city and tap the following link for more interesting facts about Mahdia: Video: Sarah Sparks
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