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LoriM 9h
Wait. Someone is arguing bold vs bald faced? To what end? Certainly not to look smart. Both are acceptable since the true origin is unknown. If anyone wants to learn something about idioms, I’ve got one…it’s champing at the bit, not chomping. True story. I digress.
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Sid Akbar Ali Sep 14
Ooooo so you can use your contactless card on the bus now from Bradford to Leeds on the 72 bus route! Fancy that, felt like Londons come with me to the North...
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Nancy Griffis Sep 12
amazon just recommended one of my own books to me via email.
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The Skunk 8h
Replying to @KimStrassel
Just stopped in to check out the confirmation bias.
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AZ 4 Equality Sep 16
Replying to @Jencam76 @kw370 @dg4az
Tweet your stat sources. and
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Patrick Bouchard 10h
Today in the spam folder, we have an email from Mike Pompeo with the subject "Hello, my dear." Somehow I don't think Mike Pompeo calls people who supposedly have ATM cards being delivered to them "my dear".
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Ryan Allera 🌈💖 Sep 12
Replying to @ur_beyb
Hi! FYI I really didn't ask this question cuz I don't know how hahahahahaha but I'm bisaya... It literally says, "Swerte naman ng Girlfriend mo...." ❤ 😂
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Mohamed Al-Hajamy💾 15h
According to an ancient program's log file I apparently have an Intel Pentium Pro.
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Shelley Hasseldine Sep 20
Walked into my hotel room just now and saw "Welcome Mrs Hasseldine" on the screen. Thanks - though I don't recall getting married... 🤔😂
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~Megs Koskibert~ 10h
How did you buchter THAT?! .
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Anurag Ashok Sep 12
Replying to @Memeghnad
Ouch, another one that hurrs! It’s a ‘full circle’ season for the social media warriors of 13-14 era!
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Abhishek Jalan 18h
As long as you can laugh at yourself you will never cease to be amused.
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doug_lee42 Sep 19
Most entertaining, if not effective: Tried the iOS 12 "Dictate and Share" shortcut (from Shortcuts Gallery). Me: "Testing a share to see where it goes." VO (babbles over top of me). *wander off to Message screen* Message text: "Testing a jerk have to see were to riches."
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C B Sep 20
oh i still am at the 4 ,, who continue To being so Up and down the COAST,,TIME TO DOWN to about $2.17 cash PRICE. ,,,,, Hey ,,Got something else for you to DO..
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Elizabeth Donald Sep 20
Boy is quite dismayed at SPACE JAM 2. He is wearing his Space Jam T-shirt and lamenting.
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ForeverLunaticAlone Sep 17
I sometimes amuse myself.. One day I got pissed at people because no one was driving safely.. And today I got pissed at my autowala because he was driving safely
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L Sapin 12h
with the warm days that linger👣 free shipping? - yes 👑
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jay nutt Sep 20
Garden tomato. Ontario goat cheese. Crispy duck skin. Balsamic honey. Side door herbs.
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L Sapin Sep 20
with 20% off sweat's and hoodies
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Replying to @rclaw131
On-going.. first time to attend the budget hearing..
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