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🤘🏻☠💥SteeLtoeDocS💥☠🤘🏻 1h
If you continue to sue drug companies & cut production, the serious issue of pain medication shortages in hospitals & pharmacies will reach a critical tipping point, & more than just pain patients will suffer. This affects ALL
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Jay Sekulow Apr 20
There are who face persecution that most cannot fathom. They’re arrested, beaten, & killed because of their faith. America can & must do more to protect persecuted Christians. Sign our petition as we urge the world to help.
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Allison McHaney 26m
Today’s walk through the rich town of Still I see homeless people on the downtown street of Chatsworth and Zelda’s Avenue what are we doing to help them beside taking away welfare & medical benefits
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Augutus Li Apr 23
Why don't use bidet after taking a shit? Imagine that you just spread choco syrup all over your hands & cleaned it using paper napkins. You know that sticky feeling left afterwards, yeah that's what your asshole feels like. You are just used to that being normal.
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Mari Lynch 14h
Replying to @MariLynch
2/ "If this is the new normal, I want no part of it. Unacceptable behavior should be called out for what it is and of all parties should insist on something far better in the leader of their country and the free world."—Andy McKean of Iowa, on why he's leaving
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Fazal Currim Apr 21
Replying to @eliehonig @MaxBoot
do not consider Israelis as foreign nationals.
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زلمی افغان 15h
Today, it's the death anniversary of Afghanistan's great leader Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid. He is the founder of movement & fought with inside Afghanistan for more than one decade. Said to : we will hit you from the top of the list to bottom.
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raetiredhotflashgift Apr 23
WHILE are working three jobs today yet paid their taxes and you don't So afraid that will find this out you are suing YET YOU HAVE TIME TO TWEET CHILDISH RUBBISH
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mya 3h
Used santa as a toilet cause he told me to sit on his lap and Now I am not allowed in the mall anymore? What is wrong with america 💯
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🤘🏻☠💥SteeLtoeDocS💥☠🤘🏻 Apr 19
Replying to @Chronic_FLKeys
People pulling the levers and heartstrings of . Please. Why is this level of suffering allowed in 2019 in the 'greatest nation' on Earth? Other countries look to us for aide in ending the very atrocities being committed against OUR OWN PEOPLE. Addiction is a (cont)
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Citi IO Apr 15
Why US Is So Bad — And Why Don’t Care
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Mohamad s hameed Apr 19
I wear the American flag in honor of all the who have helped us .
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AARP Research Apr 23
Since 2001, the number of has grown by 24%, from 56 million to 70 million. By age 65, 96% of are grandparents. Our national survey on the current state of modern grandparents has the full story:
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Elixer 21h
Donald J.Trump POTUS Governs! And Governs for all .
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Grace Vasquez Apr 19
Replying to @ericswalwell
What world do u live in? Unemployment at its lowest since 1969? are working. What do u offer socialism?
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CEO of ExFor+ C.I.C. Apr 23
I may like to point out that if I’m the future conflicts that we did not have the support of and the we as a country would be in a very fragile position. This is and will be compounded further by those such as yourself who spout abusive tweets.
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PDP 20h
She could care less about . Her constituents should be ashamed by this representative.
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Chico 561 7h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
are going after criminals, your administration. You didn’t win anything. The second part of the investigation is starting and that’s why you are scared. The swamp is overflowing with your administration and the will . 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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Saad Al.Enizi Apr 18
Replying to @CNNPolitics @cnnbrk
What you waiting for, !
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Boriken Podcast 5h
US bank security threatening to call police for our peaceful on the sidewalk in 🇵🇷✊🏽 We are here asking join us in calling for a cancellation of in
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