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Winney58 May 31
Replying to @TonyKoc69285191
What makes me so mad about this continued attack on the Qld Public Service is that he is talking about etc all the people helping us through Gleeson is out of touch & irrelevant
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Eliza 14 Jun 19
Replying to @DannyHill_VAU
We are only as strong as we are united - We will always have your back Danny! 🚑
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Sydney Sider Dec 9
Replying to @JodiMcKayMP @GladysB
if the Liberals had any care for the they would not be in the Industrial Commission wiht them almost every day. The leadership of the Ambulance Service is rotten and driven by the extreme budget cuts of and her government
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Victorian Ambulance Union Dec 16
Income protection is about to kick off! Contact us at for more information
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💧Bprophetable ⧖ Oct 10
People from Nursing Homes need to be put in isolation quarantine rooms at the hospitals, not on the main wards before their status is know. That’s just Russian Roulette for , staff and patients. There were no infection control notices for his bed.
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Megan Power Sep 1
You guys and your families are amazing. My hubby got taken away by a couple of in their full hazmat suits a week or so ago with suspect COVID - (He's all fine now & not COVID thankfully!) They were so lovely & kind & we don't really know who they were.
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Nicole Webb Feb 8
Our true heroes - come furious bushfires or rain lashing Sydney!! SES Workers 5 hour drive from Newcastle to Sydney
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Patrick McGuire 6 Jun 19
Proud to campaign for & with and 300 other Ambassadors. Campaigning works! United we are stronger than cancer
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Gary 20 Jul 19
The and all out on the road for the night🚑 After a long day of attending , they won't be getting any rest!
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Earth#Symbol ® 15 Mar 19
Replying to @noplaceforsheep
Maybe if morons(apology to intelligent pollies.)knew what it’s like 2 have another’s blood on hands literally, they will take steps 2 address violence.Send them out with 😠who do so daily 4 altruistic reasons. Let alone
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Mick McMullen Apr 14
Just saw the minister on refer to his states as how disrespectful. Woulda he call Qld Police as local cops?
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Crazy Ozdiscounts 19 Aug 19
Replying to @GladysB
Gladys what happened to still waiting for you to give them some credit. Not fair. 4 Some reason people always forget our
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🙄🙄🙄 Mar 18
A massive thank you to , , , , dealing with all the panic. You've got a lot on your hands.
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💧💦Tara Venn Apr 25
We make so well! A huge to all the Aust & NZ who have said & done what we’d all like to do for our -one & all from our cleaners to our couriers, all our - carrying the candle🕯
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Maddy Apr 6
Replying to @Maddy_Liz
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Julie-Ann Robson Apr 13
thanks to my gorgeous friend Jules and her partner fot their contributions! ! Where would we be without them! 💕
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Deb Smith 🦋 Feb 21
What has to happen before He’s jailed, MURDER, 🤔
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amillionbonesofstone Feb 24
We're all business here at A Million Bones of Stone!
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Likyelesh Benti Sep 7
what happing # Finch Jalido gindbarat way no one of you don't say samethingpleas cameout!!!!!!!!!
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💧Bprophetable ⧖ 6 Dec 18
Please fix bottleneck front entrance is also entry ambulance bay. Put bus bays on as neither ambulances or cars can get to Emergency in a hurry. Put driveway for on Children’s side road.
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