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L. Maren Wood, PhD Mar 17
What are you currently reading for fun? What have you learned from it?
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L. Maren Wood, PhD 23s
Do you have any hidden intellectual talents? I.e. What would others be surprised to learn that you know a lot about?
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Nicole Papaioannou Lugara, PhD Mar 18
If you're looking to go , I am always happy to chat and/or point you in the direction of resources. It frustrates me immensely to see that has ties to the college admissions scandal (). Know that there are other resources out there.
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shostev 3m
I wish so fully that I knew the last owner of this used copy of “So What Are You Going to Do with That?” Their marginalia is my experience. Their anxiety is my reality. How are they now??
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Dr. Statistress 1h
Replying to @nafisajadavji
It really is. This university took me from enjoying teaching to dreading the drive two days before class. I hate it so much. Really glad I'm going at this point.
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Margaret Breidenbaugh 18h
Preparations for - looking forward to some incredible presentations on Friday and Saturday!
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Beyond the Professoriate 15m
What were your career goals ten years ago? Five years ago? What are they now - and how much have they changed?
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A.A.C 14h
Replying to @weequipped
Also this is not at all a criticism of the original tweet, which appears to be truly investigative. Just a mini-rant on the term in general
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Silas Morgan 16h
Replying to @JessicaCoblentz
oh i hear this, but from the place. i blame it on modernity. actually. the enlightenment. KANT. KANT is who I blame for email. And meetings. Kant is to be blame for meetings and email.
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Cheeky Scientist 14m
Find out how this Associate leveraged her PhD expertise and transferable skills to get hired at a non-profit.
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Beyond the Professoriate Mar 20
How did what you *thought* you'd learn during your PhD differ from what you *actually* learned?
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Claire Conley Mar 18
Tips for careers from 's : keep one foot in the science world, even if you move into industry! The scientific world moves fast, and you gotta keep up!!
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John A Vasquez 24h
RT GradHacker: Still sifting through all of the ways are active citizens, activists, and general do-gooders, in _neelofer's post today she talks with two labor organizers who started their work in graduate school. insidehighered
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W.F. Umi Hsu 1h
Great applied research positions at a cool consultancy firm in NYC! Calling my post-academic network.
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Dorothea Hug Peter 20h
Replying to @HugDorothea
The portrait describes his choice to reduce transatlantic travel and to quit the academic rat race and what this implied for his career. Inspiring as well!
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Jason, snailing Mar 15
how many frappuccinos does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a job application? of
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Diana Bellonby Mar 13
Help! What's your best advice for humanities grad students and recent PhDs about alternative careers? Useful resources? Prepping for an upcoming roundtable. Please RT.
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Ernesto Peña Mar 18
I just published "Pulling a bit harder"
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Alfredo Cumerma 4h
And while I'm on the subject of finance and the humanities, I might as well plug in Mihir Desai's book, "The Wisdom of Finance," where he explores the values and perceptions of finance through great thinkers. :
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Peter Newbury Mar 12
Replying to @polarisdotca
SES can be incredible postdoc and opportunity. You use your deep content knowledge and share your passion for teaching. You’re in a department, work every day with faculty, learn about their research, do your own SoTL. 7/9
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