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Alexandra Rena 12 Oct 18
Going back to my Gaulish gods series for this year. First sketch: the Matronae. Feeling rusty after 2 weeks of no drawing!!
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Alexandra Rena 8 Nov 18
Inking "Citrine" today! Wonder how long it will take to finish the brocade design? πŸ˜… Process blog is up on Patreon!
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Alexandra Rena Sep 26
I'll be vending at the DFW Pagan Unity Fest this Saturday, and bringing these new babies with! Its an absolutely wonderful show and sure to be a good time! πŸ’š Will I be seeing any of you there? πŸ˜€
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Alexandra Rena Oct 3
I am on the STRUGGLE BUS trying to sketch a sapling right now πŸ€ͺ And it had better look good, cos it's a foreground element in this painting. πŸ˜… What are you trying to conquer right now?
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Alexandra Rena Aug 18
This glitter-loving Leo got some pearlescent paints for an early birthday gift 🦁 I can't wait to start using these for accents on paintings! πŸ’– are the best! 🀩
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Alexandra Rena 15 Oct 18
No. 2 : Sirona, a Gaulish healer goddess. I was definitely getting some inspiration from the Sirona and Hygeia statues they had at the RΓΆmisch- Germanisches Museum in KΓΆln! πŸ’–πŸ
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