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AkaiEats❤ @MadeinJapan 5h
And this is the stuff my best friend got for his birthday/as souvenir. Those two lucky guys - having their birthday right after the big Japan trip. My sister is next in line in some weeks :) also got loads of stuff for her.
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AkaiEats❤ @MadeinJapan 10h
Happy Birthday! Souvenirs abgeliefert! Ex-Boyfriend is happüh, I think? xD
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AkaiEats❤ @MadeinJapan 4h
Replying to @Akailein
Last souvenir for today :D that will find its place. I have tons of this magnets for ppl xD
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AkaiEats❤ @MadeinJapan Jun 6
I have a heavy jetlag 😐 tired all the time despite sleeping. I miss Japan... even bought something yesterday to remember the times there 😂👌
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AkaiEats❤ @MadeinJapan Jun 4
And guilty washi tape stuff 🙈 I wanted to buy even more, but now it's too late. Next time!
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AkaiEats❤ @MadeinJapan Jun 12
Yeah... I can live with being fat in Japan... but random dudes whispering into my ear... not cool bro! °A° Really not cool!
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AkaiEats❤ @MadeinJapan Jun 16
Jaaaahhh... also.... I just joined an onlinefriend like 1-2 month before their trip and tagged along °_° then did random stuff alone... yeah... next time I will also plan better! Promised! Maybe? Another Japan journey to read about, in german ;D
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