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Before modern technology, agriculture was done in an organic way which meant that whatever used was natural and not genetically modified. This way, agricultural produce had the essential nutrients and consumers didn’t have to worry about the effects it could cause.
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Oláwálé Rótìmí Aug 4
June 2020 we took up the challenge to set up HQCF factory to meet needs in Nigeria&regional markets in Africa. Factory to open in less than 2 months! 📍Gambari, Oyo. Product: HQCF Capacity: 2.5tons/hr This will create jobs&empower several smallholder farmers
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Traddle Aug 10
Split also called Bengal gram is a nutty & dried pulse that plays an important part in south Asian cuisine. When the outer layer of desi chickpeas is removed and the kernel is split we get this variety, which is also rich in fiber and low in calories.
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iCRA - building trust 11m
A wonderful testimonial from Maria Quimbo on iCRA and lifelong learning. To receive updates on iCRA, sign up to our Newsletter today:
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IITA GoSeed Aug 10
can create and for nations. The got the strength and should be empowered to help develop this sector. It's time for African youths to explore the numerous in Agriculture.
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To minimize the chances of diseases such as collar rot, passion fruits should be grown in well-drained and aerated soils. Passion fruits require adequate rainfall although it can be put under irrigation especially in dry areas.
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Dipo Integrated Farms Limited Aug 9
Habanero pepper home delivery earlier today. 🌶
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Nilushana Sooriyaarachchi Aug 5
I’m really proud of his achievements. We need such young blood in Agribusiness. 💪
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Sodiq Ibrahim Aug 2
Join us for a deep conversation with senior officers from the Bank of Agriculture on how to finance agribusiness and small farms on Friday, August 7th by 10.00 am Nigerian time. Below is the link for registration:
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Fruits should be harvested at the right time when they mature. However, some farmers tend to harvest fruits before they mature which is a common issue especially in the macadamia subsector. Most immature fruits end up being rejected by buyers.
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The mango is best adapted to a warm tropical climate with a pronounced dry season (>3 months) followed by rains. However, crops cultivated for a long time over an extended area show a high degree of diversity due to varied environmental influences.
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366Pi Technologies 14m
Your one-stop resource for data, insights, analysis, and much more around the state of agriculture in . Request access at For a limited time all reports are free.
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NLAgriTanzania Aug 4
On the 8th of August hosts a webinar on unlocking access to finance for startups, SMEs and Social Enterprises in agribusiness. You can register via
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Fundamental Blasters Aug 7
Good Results posted by NATH BIO GENES Q1FY21 EPS Rs 21.71
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Gifted One Farms 14h
Borehole drilling at our new farmland at Gifted One Farms... We are ready for cultivation.
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Barbara M Zawedde Aug 4
Happening Now: engaging leaders of the surrounding communities to identify collaboration opportunities for development.
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winich farms ltd 24h
It’s Monday A quick reminder to continually put in efforts towards achieving your goal, with Diligence comes Success.
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JR Farms Africa Aug 3
If you are in Europe and seeking investment or trade opportunities in agribusiness in Africa, please schedule a meeting with our Netherlands office today. Email: Tel/Whatsapp: +31642815069 📍 Fumahout 2, 2719JT, Zoetermeer, NL.
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ABIS -TBI-R-ABI Centre- SAIP call -II open. Start-ups registered as Partnership firm/LLP/Pvt Ltd company and aspiring to scale-up in agribusiness are encouraged to apply. To apply: Application Deadline : August 31st 2020
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IAMN Aug 7
Join us at our Rivers State Agribusiness Breakfast Meeting tomorrow
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