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ABC Indigenous 1m
Port Adelaide's Paddy Ryder speaks out as online racist abuse sees another troll lose their AFL club membership. via
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SuperFooty (AFL) 15m
⬆️⬇️ | The lay of the land after Round 5! Nearing the quarter mark of the season, who is the biggest surprise so far?
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AFL Fans Association Apr 20
Some Marvel Stadium food and drink prices. How do they compare to your home ground? 🏟
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Adelaide: Possible Wayne Milera replacements Myles Poholke, Tyson Stengle, Patrick Wilson, Jordan Gallucci - Don Pyke post game presser
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SuperFooty (AFL) 1h
👢 | Dusty's been a Puma man for a long time, so why was he wearing Nike's on Saturday night?:
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AFL Feeds 39s
LISTEN: Just how far can the Saints go in 2019? : When St Kilda defeated Melbourne this past Saturday, something happened which hadn’t been seen since 2010: the Saints found themselves on top of the AFL ladder. Al...
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Anthony Alesiani 14h
After 5 rounds who do you think will be in the GF this year? I'd have to say it'll be a Geelong V Collingwood GF 👀 Based on form.... Probably won't age well 😂
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Dr. McBoogerballs 16h
Biggest challenge of Twitter while watching is avoiding spoilers.
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AFL 🏉🏆 6h
Footballers should be left alone. Before they run to through the banner to the final siren, let them focus on what’s most important. The media needs to take a step back!
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Sporting News Australia 11h
''It has to stop. '' Tom Hawkins hit on James Sicily won't go 'unpunished', Dermott Brereton insists
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Alicia 13h
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Western Bulldogs: "He had a lot of midfield time.. there was a bit of that (playing forward) today.. he probably played mostly midfield last week & our Mids were pretty cooked in the last Qtr.. we've just got to keep looking at that balance" Luke Beveridge on Tom Liberatore
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Backrow Cats 21h
Let’s hope for more of this tonight 😂 The massive Easter Monday clash against is here 🥊 Jump on to Spotify or iTunes for an even bigger match day edition of the Backrow Cats podcast! 🎥: HawthornFanTv
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DFS Australia 13h
Early Round 6 Bookmaker Market See anything to exploit?
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timeforchangenmfc 9h
No more “flying under the radar” that’s a big part of the problem. We need to be up front, on the radar, craving the pressure and scrutiny to perform consistently at the highest level and when we don’t....we feel it - as you should.
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Nathan Vaughan Apr 21
So with rd5 almost over we have: *No undefeated teams *No winless teams *10 teams equal 2nd on premiership points *Frustrated gap for supercoach to trade *my tips going down the toilet *& the most even afl competition in yrs thanks to all these rule changes.
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Flash Hawkins 6h
Matt Taberner is so unreliable in front of goal that he even hits the post when he takes a mark
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Gloria Enrique 3h
No copies to bring home this Easter break!! 📚 Assignments in makes correcting a breeze with graded rubrics!! It is so easy to be and students enjoy the immediate feedback! Truly !! 💙🤩
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The has had some tough beats in recent rounds, but has still produced a tidy profit for followers after five rounds. Keep making the hay.
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Dan 20h
Would a Paul Roos coached have traded Jessie Hogan to ???
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Two weeks in a row for Tippa! Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti with our Goal of the Week.
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