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☈ Chris Jackson ☈ 41m
Welp since it refuses to stop raining for more than 20 minutes, I pulled out the big checkbook and just signed the dotted line on this puppy. $430,000 bucks for a lawnmower capable of cuttting my grass that will soon look like the Congaree National Swamp. Phewww.
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Cade Aug 4
crazy to think that people I graduated with are pregnant and getting married and here’s me who can hardly figure out how to turn on a washing machine.
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Twiggie 🇧🇼 🇿🇼🇮🇳 Jul 30
Covid is the pits...Trying to keep my spirits up..
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MissSweetCircuit 15m
Off to the store to buy a vacuum
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jyz 1m
I'm so excited! I paid off student loans! #
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burnthetiger 14h
I’m way more excited about going to bed at a normal time than I should be.
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Brennan 39m
Yesterday I became an owner of nail clippers for the first time in my life. I am 24 years old. I stole them from my parents bathroom cabinet.
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empower yourself to be the best you! learn to do adult things like insurance and banking. 🤓 😎
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Rachel Willger Aug 4
Why Should Teenagers Have all the Fun? via
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Barb Everhart Aug 6
Finally got glasses with readers in them.
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can student loans actually improve your credit score? 😱 you'll want to know.
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RJB Aug 5
Beginning of a four day weekend with they kids with their we started the night off at the brewery and just got home and made myself dinner. A lunchable with crown on the rocks.
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they try to put fees on top of fees smh 😤
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L. Nicole 23h
Changed out the chandelier in the dinning room & I love it 😍
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ctrl agency Aug 4
is hard, but this cookie is cute @amoderncookie yum yum
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Tracy Edwards Aug 1
Moving update: I got to my apartment and HATED it, drove around the city for hours looking for a new place. Found a new apartment that I ABSOLUTELY approved in 10 minutes!!! I move in 2 weeks so a family friend is letting me stay with them until then.
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eliza james 23h
Did a grownup thing. Bought a new vacuum. My first Dyson ...
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Andrea 24h
Interviewed for my dream job today!!!! Won't hear back for 2 weeks >.< BUT I nailed it! 🤞🤞🤞
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Carly Wells-Burr Aug 6
This house-build malarkey is all fun and games until you have to choose the perfect shade of grey grout for the kitchen tiles! Who even knew there were so many shades of grey grout?!? 🤯
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Brittany Benson Aug 5
So obsessed with our house purchase 😍
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