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Accent Fresh Jun 25
Onion prices are currently at an all time high, we hope to see new crop around the end of July which should see a pricing drop 🀞🏼
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Accent Fresh Jun 20
The Local Asparagus season has finished slightly early due to the weather β˜”οΈ Tomorrow we will have 250g English Asparagus and from then on it’ll be 250g Imported Asparagus!
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Accent Fresh Jun 13
Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbage harvesting is very difficult at the moment due to the current weather conditions in Lincolnshire. We are hoping to see improvements next week 🀞🏼
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Accent Fresh Jun 7
Just a few of the Violife products we hold on stock πŸ§€
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Accent Fresh Jun 24
for this week! Give us a call to order yours: Sea Purslane, Sea Aster (pictured) , Sea Plantain, Sea Arrow Grass, Sea Blite, Sea Orache, Wild Fennel Fround, Pineapple Weed, Wild Pea Flowers or Douglas Fir Needles 🌱
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Sue Mahoney May 19
Super fruity Sunday in the Mahoney household. Supporting healthy eating
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