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Marla Miller Dec 8
What a happy task today, sending copies of the book off to friends & colleagues who helped make it possible.
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Jacqueline Wernimont Jul 10
This idea is great! I’m immensely grateful for the open and wicked smart conversations that I’ve had w - they have vastly transformed my thinking
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Kate Blanchard 8h
Replying to @LandonSchnabel
Yes! The flexibility (and time off) truly is worth the long years of schooling and the relatively low pay.
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Stephen Whiteman 魏瑞明 Jul 11
Finishing my book over the last year was an opportunity to revisit work by , a Qing historian, which has been so foundational to my research in art history. The day she mentioned an article of mine in a blog was too much. We’ve never met, but thank you.
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Liz Pipe 20 Jun 17
...when you find 2000 reasonably coherent words you'd forgotten you'd written...
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Jonathan O'Donnell Jul 10
Replying to @wadekelly
For articles I like, I sometimes write my notes as a letter to the authors. Essentially, I'm saying, "This is what I got from your paper/ chapter / thesis."
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Dillon? Reisman! 8 May 18
time!: and 's , studying the scale and use of facial recognition in American law enforcement, is a disturbing but insightful resource that I keep coming back to. Thank you!
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Dr. Ashanka Kumari Dec 5
Hi! Just wanted to say I see you and thank you for always pushing us to think more critically about the impacts of all of our actions and much more. Thanks for your labor and for being a good in the often not so good world.
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Olwyn Johnston Jul 11
Replying to @wadekelly @alliedorman
Great idea. As I’m busy writing my thesis quoting some NZ legends in reading research who I cannot find on Twitter. is, and I am grateful for her work.
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Dr Fincina Hopgood Jul 12
I would like to express my to these inspiring women who’ve each played a key role in supporting my research, nurturing my passion for teaching, and mentoring me Thank you!
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Dr Abbi Flint Jul 15
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Samira Saramo Nov 22
Shout out to all the conference organizers who have kept their attendees happily fed, caffeinated, and refreshed over several days! It's no small task.
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Lindsay Masland Feb 6
First target for challenge: MY STUDENTS. I said something about them on Twitter, and based on retweets & likes, their honesty has positively impacted hundreds of complete strangers. I am going to show them the response and thank them in class today.
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Dr Bex Alexis-Martin 24 Jul 18
I had a lovely time up North - I am now crossing every appendage and hoping that I've got that life-changing permanent lectureship - It would be amazing!!! However, I have met some fascinating academics and had an inspiring time regardless!
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Jessica S. Robles 🎉 27 Sep 18
I'll take it! 😆 seriously, I have a special love for people who assign my articles in their class, especially when I almost never assign my articles in my own classes!
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Dr. Melissa Beers Feb 6
While I’m at it, take a minute to appreciate the people who volunteer for leadership positions. They deal with tough issues, difficult decisions, and likely don’t get the appreciation & thanks for being willing to do the job in the first place. for all.
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Tara Magdalinski Jul 10
Replying to @wadekelly @JArciuli
I phoned my 7th grade teacher, Fran Talty, a couple of years ago to tell her what an awesome teacher she was. I'm in regular contact with my brilliant senior English teacher, Jane Greenwood
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Dr Bex Alexis-Martin 13 Nov 18
I'm teaching Theories of - and this week....just wanted to thank for being so generous with her legacy of relevant lecture material!
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Dr C.A. Garson 7 Jan 14
Replying to @thesiswhisperer
nice to see there is hope!
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Dr Susann Beier Jul 12
Replying to @SusannBeier
Funny to see your picture everywhere
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