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Steve is my banacroc Nov 5
was so fucking good~!!! I don't care what anyone says.
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Jill Ramlow Nov 12
I have to take a break from writing. (Not a long one. I just mean, like, a couple hours.) I just wrote 5.1k words today. I have a short shift at work and then plans to see for the 2nd time. THEN I'll write some more.
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For those of you who have seen , did you like it? 🤔
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EthanOnAboutSomeBullshit Nov 9
Bullshit I’m currently on: , Just like Zombieland!
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Ruckus♚ Nov 12
is awesome! Great mid credits scene featuring a surprise cameo. Waiting to see if there's a post credits scene right now. Shame this one didn't do better in its opening weeks. Glad I managed to catch it on the big screen before it bowed out.
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Fabian 🍁 Nov 9
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Meme Movie Reviews Nov 11
Review of : zombie comedy with improbable ending, sarcasm works. I found it funny. C+
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Single In A Small Town Nov 8
Friggin' hilarious! Easily my fav movie this year!
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John Ellis 6h
was lifted by the non-Oscar nominated cast member. More of my thoughts on the latest episode
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B-Bel 5h
Zombieland Double Tap is a rare case of a sequel worthy of the original. Everything you love about the first one is there, the new cast is great and the mid credits sequence is probably the funniest thing ever.
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a pisces said Nov 12
Oh my gosh zombies 2 was SO GOOD !!!!! I’ve never wanted to slow clap in the movie theatre so bad. They SNAPPED crackled & popped when they wrote it wheeewwwwww. Watch!!! I’m all, ad
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⚔Dansell⚔ Nov 13
Off to see Really loved the first one, I've got high hopes!
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George Poynter Nov 12
Finally watched Zombieland: Double Tap today. It was really great
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Gambler Nov 12
Caught tonight. Walking out in a deserted uninhabited mall being torn down added to the experience. Thanks Dallas!!
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Marc Chazjher Mendez Nov 11
Spending my RD @ Robinson Galleria South, City of San Pedro
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Kike Pérez 2h
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Zombieland: Double Tap grossed $334K on Wednesday. 27-Day total stands at $68.10M.
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🌻🌷مطية Nov 9
I watched & the 1st one last week. Then this morning, I had a dream about my school had to go to another school; and there was zombie attack there - TWICE! I managed to survive both times too 😏😎 well done 👍🏼
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ragtag7🗯️ Nov 10
I fucking love so much. ❤️
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Conor Souness Nov 11
was amazing, Madison is my spirit animal
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