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So Trump didn’t meet because he had to manually redirect a hurricane using a SHARPIE?
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cassandracarolina 4h
Watching ’s President concede, clearly under duress, that he hadn’t been pressured by was a familiar moment to anyone who’s been bullied or abused. When your abuser you asks that question, you better say “no” unless you want the abuse to escalate.
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BeTheChange Jan 23
Today would be a great day for and to make every document and phone recordings public. Long term America would be forever in their debt for helping save our
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Maya Wiley Jan 21
going over damning evidence of Volker emails on morning of 7/25 call with on meeting for investigations thay Sondland corroborated - corrupt intent!
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Maria Angela Zeppola 18m
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Where are the "transcripts?" Who prepared the "transcripts?" Are the transcripts real or did you make them up?
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EOD.Dave Jan 25
left out that the hastily arranged photo op at the UN, between Trump and , happened only after it had been reported Trump had conditioned a meeting on an announcement of the sham Biden investigation. CYA is not normally considered exculpatory in nature.
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SuzieB🌊🇺🇸🌊 Jan 24
President , we know you've been put in a horrible situation by Trump & his administration, all while you're trying to deal with attacks from Putin. But please, sir, you can be a hero. DO THE RIGHT THING. Tell the world the TRUTH about what Trump tried to force you to do.
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Robert Barnes Jan 23
A little part left out when talking about , , and the Trump transcripts. Zelensky repeatedly thanked Trump for removing that Ambassador, connected her to corruption in Ukraine, and suggested she was close to the corrupt actors.
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EOD.Dave Jan 24
Replying to @MollyJongFast @jm44dog
Remember when Rudy canceled his trip to Ukraine, this past summer? Instead, he had a political rival, the mayor of Kyiv, fly to NYC, a few days after Trump’s July 25th call. The message seems pretty clear, play ball or we continue backing the guys you just replaced.
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ArianaGic/Аріянॳць Jan 20
's office has disabled the ability for people to comment on the Ukrainian president's social media posts on Instagram and YouTube.
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Roman Sohn Jan 23
The fact that Western media has virtually dropped the narrative of "utterly corrupt " since took office in spring 2019, tells us that this artificial narrative was driven by powerful, outside actors trying to undermine pro-Western, reformist post-Maidan govts.
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🌊Sher 💙💪 Don't call me Shirley Jan 25
OMG... is reading the victim's words spoke DURING the crime, as if that's a defense! If this is the hill wants to die on...I wish them a 🤣
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Kim Franklin-Magana Jan 20
Replying to @gtconway3d
"I need you to do us a favor, tho..." -DJ TRUMP
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missing in action Jan 25
is not going to stand up to trump because trump is a bully!
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Alex Jan 25
Replying to @politico
Well when you announce that the American people, don’t give a fuck about Ukraine... it could make for an uncomfortable meeting, right
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Toto Jan 24
Hey your keeping their secrets and this is how little they think of your country.
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Ned Jan 21
Replying to @byHeatherLong
That is the narcissist playbook. Nothing in the world is as important as “ME” You should all love ME. I only do perfect things. Like making a perfect like I did with
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shih tzu says Jan 25
I don’t care if I get caught. I make the rules. I don’t care if I get caught. I am doing to to the what I did to .
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The Eastern Telegram 10h
Yesterday, on the first day of his working visit to the Republic of , President of Ukraine Volodymyr participated in a dinner on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.
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Ivan Katchanovski Jan 23
Decision by & entire delegation to chicken out is another manifestation of his weakness & unwillingness to confront historical revisionism of World War II & turning collaborators & mass murderers into national heroes in
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