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Le Business Developer Dec 9
Tell your friend to tell a friend... Goal is to make it to 's amount of followers. Once we make it, I fly two of you from to Mars and back (I mean, from a Sales consulting perspective).
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Aaron Lindquist Dec 9
Start your week off right at the tomorrow at 0530 with a Heavy Metal Monday beat down. will build us into lean, mean, giving it away machines.
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Malik Gul 5h
Replying to @A1YSHA3 @NTAtooting
When we start with communities,seen as networks (of mosques,churches,clubs,pubs,hairdressers etc)we can begin 2 map how capabilities once unlocked as coproducers of health&social care,can bcome the platform 4 new early intervention &prevention eco-systems
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Joe Henry 1h
Stop the wall is primary target for Democrats 1.) We must remove the income incentives for the Trump Team. Trump will make Billions from the Wall Project and Moscow-Tower. He ran for office to make money for Putin and Donald Trump. Trump Tower Moscow, USA-Mexico Wall.
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Altesse 4h
United, WE, the people, stand indivisible and can rise above mountains. Unity makes the strength of the masses. Let’s use the power of our voices to change this world one battle, one cause at a time. .
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Nottingham Geography Dec 10
Our last drop off will be going to on Friday lunchtime so we are still collecting food items, toiletries & unwanted clothes until then. Once again, a massive thank you for all the items that have been donated so far!
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Amanda Pitzele 1h
How to E-Learn: I don’t love to video tape myself but I do love my students and their families! We got this parents! 💪☘️💚🤗.
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Beatriz Mejia A 2h
“For women in politics, it is an almost universal experience that they are held to a higher standard and need to work harder to be taken seriously”. 🤦🏽‍♀️ 💪🏽
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Lisa Pearlman Dec 10
TY 4 being a shining light & beacon of hope in a time of darkness & uncertainty...I wish would run for POTUS with you as VP! Or if runs, you & Joe could reverse roles! Your family represents all that is good in !
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Bertina Ellis Dec 8
GOOD LUCK . Anything is possible - !!!
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AlexandriaOcasioCortez Dec 8
Replying to @SenDuckworth
Yessssssssss! Undocumented over citizens!
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#iRead 6h
No one must be left behind. . Kudos
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Chandlers Field Primary School 7h
Singing carols at the Summers.
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Safety_Second_RN Dec 5
You are an inspiration on how to conduct myself with utmost of civility & diplomacy when dealing w/ people w/ whom I have serious issues. Thank you. You truly inspire me to be better as a leader.
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Jason Prendergast 18h
I couldn't sleep so I signed up for on the website Thanks for the reminder - we all miss you. P.S. I cant wait to start reading my new book, "Becoming" I have horrible but I'm gonna try
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Ms Jenny Frecklington-Jones 42m
How much are those dud planes costing us? How much unnecessary border protection against non-threatening people fleeing war? Social security builds self-sufficiency, equity & social cohesion for all members of a society, none of which you can put a price on.
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JDanielC Dec 10
Replying to @NASA @Marvel @Avengers
Tony: Huston I have a problem NASA: Don't worry we have a team of dedicated team working on solutions to that problem and the next 3 problems
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NeverDunn Dec 10
Replying to @BarackObama
Are you busy in 2020? We miss you terribly.
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B.S. Dec 6
I just wanna go live in the woods and make music with !!!! ? !
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La Bestia Negra FC Dec 9
Replying to @rulebavaria
Remplaçants de robben et ribery, I hope it will be from the academy. Batista, jeong and zirkee. .
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