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Crypto_Knight 6h
For all investors,i have wrote an email to management team of yes bank.i will share if there is any update from them at all. Note-it would be appreciated that such initiatives should come from others as well. i am doing this for greater good so all get a clarity.✌️
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Stock Sense Jan 14
“Yes Bank may be an institution in problem as of now but it does not qualify to be labelled as a sinking ship”: Independent Director Amarjit Chopra, CFO News, ETCFO
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Tusar Ranjan Nayak 1h
Here litmus test for the retailers going on. Retailers don't like to sell their holdongs in loss which is now headache for the operators. Still they putting effort to down the price to create panic. Insider news coming to outside has been stopped after Mr Uttam removal.
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Stocks Ki Baat Jan 19
Just received an email from HDFC Sec. about Securities Lending & Borrowing (SLB) to earn extra from idle stocks is one of the stocks that are in high demand for borrowing. Never done SLB but was curious to know. So, I read: 👇 (surprise inside)
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Crypto_Knight Jan 14
For shareholders/investors/customer, i have managed to sent email to yes bank management team, CC - , Sub- A request for Press Release / Interview on current rumours of yes bank closing down & some other concerns to provide some clarity.
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Tusar Ranjan Nayak 21h
Had wrote from my wife's mail id to Mr Gill- He had forwarded that mail to his executives to reply. Got replies alongwith phone nos. from the executives - vineet.dhar@ , and
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Stocks Ki Baat 6h
Replying to @stockskibaat
Securities Lending and Borrowing (SLB) update from NSE Live watch on NSE: 👇
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Anirban 🇮🇳 4h
Replying to @Idea @VodafoneIN
Close along with delivery% will be very important today for . Seems overall sentiment turn very positive from all aspect. Low risk player can try small qty, as its a news based short term position. wl also be benifitted as it has 5k Cr. exposure ✊👌
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Anirban 🇮🇳 Jan 18
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Anirban 🇮🇳 5h
“The value of Rs 1,90,000 crore of equity investments by promoters is less than Rs 10,500 crore currently, with virtually no prospect of recovery” SC shall not b rigid & let the telecom & banking sector get a hit. Expecting recovery
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SatyamShivamSundaram 19m
put your sell limit order@150+ only. Traders betting against Tesla have lost $2 billion in just 7 days this year as the stock has surged (TSLA) -
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TradingView India Jan 20
- Time to say "YES" To Yes Bank....Medium Term Target - 81 - TradingView -
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StockTalk Jan 17
Vodafone draws a plan to pay the AGR dues. Good to see that they're not heading towards any bankruptcy / closure as is being widely reported across channels. Small relief for and other banks with exposure to telcos. Let's wait for a positive cycle to kick-in.
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Stocks Ki Baat 59m
Replying to @D_CryptoKnight
any chance of asking Mr. Punit Goenka about Essel Group debt plans or progress since Zee Ent. promoters are the same? Will they entertain this question? has exposure to Essel Group promoter entities
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Surender sangwan @surensang Jan 16
Replying to @WeekendInvestng
Bank wise exposure to companies
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Rakesh Bansal Jan 14
Yes Bank CMP 38.55 3 Line Break chart study suggests downside target of 11.73 levels Say big No to
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Ankita Jain Jan 19
Problem with QIP is investors don't want to pay more than market rate Problem with rights issue is Yes Bank doesn't want to dilute at current market rate. Problem is with pricing! Not investors..
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StockTalk Jan 18
One of us headed out to catch a weekend movie to take a break from markets and relax. Guess what? is not ready to let you go once you're invested! Found YesBank logo at an unexpected place. Still not sure why it was placed there! No ATM / bank counter was seen nearby 😁
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Crypto_Knight Jan 16
Correct data on : Promoters:8.33% (not gone) Institutions:15.17%(not gone) Retail - increased. Sana Securities Trust-Gone !!! (for misleading) , - Sebi registered investment advisor is misleading readers. Source :
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Anirban 🇮🇳 2h
up 10% from suggested level. Jo main bolta hoon, woh main karta hoon 😀... Hope my friends, followers encash the opportunity and cintinuous follow ups..
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