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KSrelief 13h
The medical Team of preformed 21 open heart surgery and catheterization on the fourth day of the Cardiac Surgery Campaign for Children
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Yasmine Salam Apr 17
Replying to @TLC_CN @commondreams
Actually this is a fake account we , people, support Trump !!
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Ovain Ali Apr 16
army unveils new type of ballistic missiles "Badr-F".
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James E Daspit Apr 18
has the of senior militia in line with UN Security Council sanctions against the rebels, the country’s Official Gazette said on Thursday The UN imposed in 2014 on the Houthi leadership and then-Yemeni President
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Yemen Embassy D.C. 6h
Amb to Yemen() : “ The US Govt welcomes the convening of the Yemeni parliament .. it is a step that represents another pillar of legitimacy for the people.”
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GCC guarantees to print The GCC Secretariat has agreed to print the Yemeni curricula for the next school year according to 2014 edition before the Houthis coup.
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Mats ☮ Nilsson Apr 18
UN: Thousands of children killed and sexually assaulted. Over 7000 killed. condones this slaughter.
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Unews Press Agency 19h
Forces Address -Led Coalition East of al-Nar Mount in
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Xavier Jones 4h
/ armed forces shoot down coalition Drone inside territory (Must Watch) Part:1 🎥
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: Houthi Militias claims for shooting down a - made wing loong reconnaissance UAV in Saa'da Province. The drone belonged to the coalition forces led by saudi arabia.
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الغولي ابوجلال منير Apr 15
The US/UK-backed Saudi-Led Coalition has been using internationally banned arms, bombs, and ammunition to kill children for over 4 years!
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Asharq Al-Awsat English 10h
Hadi Adviser to Asharq Al-Awsat: Largest Political Coalition Will Isolate
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Ali Özkök Apr 18
Shia rebels destroyed a Saudi Oshkosh M-ATV on the - border.
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WomenSolidarityYe Apr 17
Congratulations for Human Rights Defebder ..congratulations for all women 💐💐💐
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Yemeni Journal Apr 12
More than 100 boys and girls are dying from extreme hunger every single day. Your donation helps us provide emergency food to conquer hunger, malnutrition, and saves the lives of children like Raja:
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Aliya Hasan Apr 10
Answering a call for solidarity with the people who have endured yet another massacre at the hands of the evil regime. 14 innocent Yemeni children were martyred on April 7th, 2019 after Saudi Arabia, using American-made missiles, bombed their school. 🇾🇪
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