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Bill Ryan Jul 19
The biggest question for 2020: Can Americans accept the and other war crimes of post WWII crimes based on an imperialist/fascist ideology held over from the 40s that capitalists have successfully resurrected beginning in the 1970s-present?
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Right word Jul 19
A huge blast just heard in Yemen capital Sana'a as Saudi led coalition's fighter jets are roaring over the sky. And another massive blast just heard! The US/UK/Saudi coalition is paving to bomb again residential areas in Sana'a the capital of . 💔😭
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✊ Elle Latham 🌏✌ Jul 21
Cover and not just little squabbles in Georgia and Trump’s purposefully racist tweets, mainstream media.
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Marjanfa1 Jul 16
urges Houthi court to review 30 death sentences
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Yemen Matters Jul 17
In war-torn Yemen, cancer has become a death sentence because many Yemenis cannot afford the cost of treatment and wait for death to relieve their pain. War has ruined the lives on many innocent civilians.
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Right word Jul 15
85-year-old Joan Nicholson stands for two hours a day on Route 1 protesting imperial aggression with signs reading: “Stop U.S. War on Yemen.” “Stop U.S. Coup for Venezuela Oil." “Free Manning, Assange.” by
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Marjanfa1 Jul 15
Replying to @MarjanFa1
World, how can you see these photos and be silent?! needs more care! Be human!
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moon_kidnapper Jul 14
American activist : She is hunger-strike because of the violations in . She demands that her government intervene to stop the war that destroyed everything
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Marjanfa1 Jul 13
The horrible situation in ⚠️ Cholera Rips Through War-Torn Yemen: Nears 500,000 Cases In 2019 | Zero Hedge
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