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Paulinus Ivanovic🌹🦊🦡☮️ 5h
Replying to @BenPBradshaw @UKLabour
The split the vote in many key marginals..
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RJ #FreeAssange #VivaEvo Dec 7
I think it's becoming clearer why SO MANY Tory and LibDem candidates aren't turning up for their hustings. Don't make the mistake of thinking it's ONLY Johnson and Swinson. These views are unfiltered by the RW media Get out
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Dave Louise🌹#StandUp4Brexit Dec 12
Replying to @LibDems
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Damian from Brighton Dec 12
The have just helped the Tory Ian Duncan Smith, the architect of Universal Credit, keep his seat.
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🇬🇧🇪🇺 Dec 12
Looks like the Lib Dem voting cunts didn’t get the memo about tactical voting when it came to Ian Duncan Smith’s constituency! Absolute clowns! Jo Swinson has orchestrated this.
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Michael Calderbank #GTTO Dec 12
Lib Dem’s have enabled the Tories to take back Kensington
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no nonsense Dec 6
Replying to @bolloticks @LibDems
Of course are facilitating brexit. Lib Dems aim is stealing Labour votes by pretending they're really sorry and are progressive now. Here's a chance picture of Swinson with Cameron and how I imagine her in coalition with he who is above scrutiny
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Hamsar 12h
Tell me again how your former leader and her platform wasn't just a Tory by any other name 🤔🤦‍♂️ You butchered the last chance UK had of stopping Brexit and Also of saving it from continued horrendous austerity/deprivation.
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David Harrold Dec 5
Apparently you can trust Jo Swinson and the LibDems this time around???
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Roger Anderson 20h
Replying to @LaylaMoran
I call a voting record like this pretty 'ungracious' (particularly for the victims), each to their own eh!
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RJ #FreeAssange #VivaEvo Dec 10
Finding myself saying 'bollocks' a lot tonight The Remain ultra celeb pushing out fake news along with his mates are driving me up the wall as are the negative depictions of 'Northerners' & 'Leavers' to the lot Time for bed methinks.
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R Dec 8
Channel 4 Debate. Jo Swinsons true colour is debated
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Into the Trees. Dec 5
And every bit as much as a stranger to the truth
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Ted James 22h
The liberal democrats screwed the nation with austerity and now this.... Jo Swindon deserved to lose her seat.
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Z Dec 10
I honestly have no idea what they’re trying to gain from this, this will just ensure that Bim retains his seat.
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mRfuRioUs 🇬🇧 Dec 9
The trouble with this though is that I am a Labour Party member & can't just swan off and vote for a pro austerity party, especially one that wants to annul the result of the EU referendum. Personally I can't see the difference between and
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Janine G. Dec 12
I want to know if jo swinson has lost her seat . And if the SNP have got Banff & Buchan back! We used to Gordon for a while.
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Dewar Stewart Dec 5
Replying to @haveigotnews @Zarkwan
If it was that distasteful for them, they could have quit. It was that easy, but the sniff of power was too much. It will be the same next time. An apology is not enough.
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Chris Weaver Dec 13
I wonder how our new Lib Dem PM Jo Swindon is doing. Will switch on the news to find out.. Oh So that utter nonsense calling for an election worked out well then We had a hung parliament in October. Johnson could not force his agenda through. He can now Thanks
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Into the Trees. 2h
Not sure anyone is buying that as an excuse for the
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