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Dani 🧢 Co-Founder Sorority Of Yang Dec 21
When your friends think they are showing up for a Holiday Party... but you’ve actually planned an Rally!
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Independence Iowa for Yang Jan 15
Replying to @AndrewYang
3 goals tonight. 1)Get 1 commitment to caucus got 2. 2)Get 10 people to come to next Wednesday got 9. 3)Tell everyone will be in Independence Saturday night. Also planted 2 signs. The days my gratitude is higher than my expectations are mighty good days.
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D4V1D M00N 🇺🇸🧢💜🍍🌹 Jan 22
Replying to @ChicagoYangGang
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Christians 4 Yang 2024 🧢 ☂️ Eric PS Chen 鄭品舜 Jan 5
Replying to @WillLexHam
You coming to the ?
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adamlehrer Dec 18
's takedown of the is brilliant. Dorkheimer leads the way.
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Fulltime Independent 🧢 Sep 15
Replying to @theinquisitr
1 down.
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TheRealPfeiffer 🧢 🐐☂️ Sep 12
So your in the now?!
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Augusta Co. Yang Gang 🗳🧢 Oct 10
If anyone in the area wants to hold a , signing event, or debate viewing, please create the event at | Tweet for info on how to collect signatures!
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Xis 🧢 Feb 4
Replying to @b05crypto
We won our battle and became LEGITIMATE!!! Surpassing half the group of BILLIONAIRES, MILLIONAIRE and Politicians. Let's get off the internet and Canvass, text bank, phone bank. Organize with local yang gang
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Little Apple Yang Gang at Kansas State 🧢 Jan 13
This is weird for a Kansas account to tweet but: Currently working with to create a in Amsterdam this Thursday!! If you are in the Netherlands or near and want to meet up with other we already have a good group and are working on location!!
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Paul Cuno-Booth Dec 3
. stopped by yesterday for an interview with and the edit board - or, as I suggested calling it, a
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Christians 4 Yang 2024 🧢 ☂️ Eric PS Chen 鄭品舜 Jan 7
in Iowa, 360 degrees view.
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Lemay Dec 28
Having a here in Manchester, NH preparing flyers for canvassers tomorrow
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NassauYangGang 🧢 Nov 30
I’ll be volunteering at Hempstead Train Station tomorrow at 2 - come by if you have time!
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Kai Watson🧢 Feb 13
The first X group 🔥HUG🔥👉😂
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Valerie🧢🧢🧢💰💵🇺🇸 Feb 9
Replying to @kickinkw
Welcome and thanks so much for donating to the cause!
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Charmaine Dec 22
How awesome we got to put these in motion at the blitz yesterday! So many sure their support for was heard. When is the next?
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Alex Hirsch Aug 8
Had a great last night with prez candidate (and possible time traveller from the future)! Insanely nice guy thinking big picture about humanity!💰🇺🇸
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Kristen Sze ABC7 Jan 30
If you don't know what mean... or if you want to know how the drives 's candidacy, watch this behind the scenes report.
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303YangGang Mar 30
We're having our first in Denver, CO. Pizza and beer and !
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