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XDNA Price Alert Time: 2019-10-19 05:30:08 BTC Change:%
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XDNA Oct 10
Today, the market is again showing signs of recovery. Coin also follows this trend and shows a price increase of 19.2% in dollars ($ 0.00533276) and 15% in (0.00000063 ).
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XDNA 20h
It is considered normal if the charitable found, having received a donation, uses about 35% of the total contribution for its own needs, and 65% gives it to those in need. The solution that offers allows you to make the cost of funds as efficient and transparent as possible
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XDNA Oct 17
Choose coins for wisely and hold on to the long term. It is better to choose coins that are unique from the technical side and which have the opportunity to find application in the real economy, and not just in the industry. For example, like a coin!
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XDNA Oct 16
Today Blockchain Life 2019 starts in Moscow, which will bring together more than 6,000 participants from around the world. The XDNA team will also attend this event and hope that the result will be positive. We are waiting for new contacts, new ideas and new plans from !
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XDNA Price Alert Time: 2019-10-17 12:01:03 BTC Change:%
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XDNA Oct 15
If you in , then it is very important to choose the right coin. More than 80% of projects leave the market due to low demand or lack of development prospects. Choose only technically unique projects such as . project has big plans for 2020!
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XDNA Price Alert Time: 2019-10-16 14:01:00 BTC Change:%
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XDNA Oct 14
In order for network participants to be motivated to launch and maintain performing the function of mixing transactions, they are paid a reward. To date, remuneration in ranges from 36% to 67% per annum.
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XDNA Price Alert Time: 2019-10-12 01:30:06 BTC Change:%
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XDNA Oct 11
is one of the few projects that have survived the depression in the 2018-2019 and are now continuing to develop. has many plans for 2020. Therefore, we recommend that you consider investing in this at today's more than attractive price.
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