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Dr. Marty Fox 🇺🇸 Sep 17
Speaking As A Physician I Never Knew Commercial Breaks Protected You From The & Anderson Cooper Whisper To Each Other Up Close & Personal NO MASKS NO SOCIAL DISTANCING During A Commercial Break
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A comprehensive report Not only did "Vaccum" masks & PPE world over While Simultaneously allowing International travel, causing world wide Pandemic Causing shortages as nations struggled to cope Reckless & irresponsible
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China at risk of a winter spike in infections, experts say via
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Dennis Leung 42m
Industry find the way to resume the businesses activity.
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ajitsinh Jagirdar 🇮🇳 #We_The_Threadeans Sep 22
targeted by President Donald Trump again for .
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Dr Kapil Sharma 19h
👇 latest graph. There is a definite downward swing. Me being optimistic feels we are doing good but many feel it can be due to low Testing or due to more Rapid Antigen Testing instead of more reliable RTPCR ?? Think over it
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tyh Sep 15
Just because she has spoken out the truth.
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🇮🇳केसरिया भारती 🇮🇳 God please recall 2020 Sep 21
Replying to @neeraj610 @evazhengll
It is 700 i saw the manual at delhi's palika bazar. It's it was one on one free then. But made in china Put me off. Bring it on chiniyo We are waiting.
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Ben Solo, the jedi ✋🏻☝🏻 #手足互科 Sep 18
I can’t wait to know the truth, as well as all the evidence about the to spread around the world! Besides, I wish and all of you can pay attention of the fake accounts of , that can convey potentially harmful material!
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chanakya Sep 22
Replying to @globaltimesnews
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Johnny Knoxville Sep 22
killed 200,000 people. Trump saved 2.3 million people. What are the Democrats going to do to China? Nothing.
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krithika sivaswamy 16h
We just lost an MP of Lok Sabha (Minister of state for Railways )and former President along with thousands of citizens due to
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Joe Sep 15
Replying to @LiMengYAN119 @jack
suspends accounts that criticize the chinese communist party.
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righty64 40m
Yes we do need updated thinking on the .
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Dennis Leung 1h
Honestly address risk factors which is the key of the government.
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Ketan Sep 20
should we be worried that Sars-CoV-2 is changing? Scientists tracking the virus have uncovered a major mutation, but it may not be as scary as it sounds.
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Jane Wang😷 Sep 20
Citizen journalist is on a hunger strike in Pudong Detention Center, Shanghai. She was arrested after reporting on for over 3 months & criticizing the authorities' handling of the crisis. has called for her immediate release👇
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China Owned Sep 21
and : Sino Biological - makes lab reagents, antibodies & works with pharmaceutical/biotechs in development of high tech antibody drugs. One of the first to offer reagents. Should we trust our lab reagents if they come from ?
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Johnny Knoxville Sep 15
Terrible forest management and arson is like depleted PPE/ ventilator stockpiles and . Oops
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Neutral Odisha News Sep 20
Replying to @AmbLiuQuan
Slaves were fed with lies which they have to obey else u know what happens... China & their lies. Yes, u r making Bio weapon
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