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James Woods May 20
Dear Kamala Harris, we call it the because that’s where it started. Just like we call call you , because that’s where YOU started. Oh, and then, of course, there’s that pesky little ditty called the First Amendment.
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the truth of HK May 24
More than 6 policemen were kicking and hitting a protester who was already overpowered by the police. And yet,when the protester showed a little movement,more than 6 police sat on his badly injured body, and he bled while being taken away.
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Karli Q ⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Text TRUMP to 88022 May 21
Everyone who tried to report the truth about the is either dead, missing or made to retract their statements!
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Dallas Rockford May 21
This pretty much explains why she lost and is devoid of meaningful understanding of America. Free speech Kamala!
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Nikki😷 May 22
Joke of the week. According to PRC’s National Health Commission, there’s zero case of yesterday in 31 provinces. Zero cases coz most citizen journalists and residents who wanna speak the truth are either vanished or arrested, is that it, ? Pic
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Dickson Williams May 27
Today 27May20 is the first date for student in back to school after the outbreak of . And this is how they suffered on their first school day, under .
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Does think that by such ill advised moves they can escape accountability & reparations for unleashing on the world ❓ CCP has to held accountable for its irresponsible & reckless behaviour in handling the WuhanCoronavirus pandemic
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।🇮🇳।*कर्व 🍂 May 24
India China raised some questions during . China is trying to change the issue of corona related allegation but Pm Ji exposed china’s conspiracy with diplomatic move.
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Are you not even CONTRITE ❓ you are gloating over Human misery FIRST unleashes ( *YES UNLEASHED) on the world Cause more than 7 million cases with more than 357K deaths & GLOAT Disgraceful do Friends do this ❓
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#Bee🇬🇧*#IStandWithDom* May 21
Replying to @Patricia344130
I thought this video was in very bad taste, it's not funny at all. Not clapped since!! *Nurses making fun of those who have died of Coronavirus.*
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🕣🕑🕐カルマ ʕ•ٹ•ʔ🎌 May 24
Replying to @YONJI85412376
We stand for freedom. Together we r not alone. Thanks you Japan ❤️🇯🇵🙏🏻 Best wishes to all Japanese under the evildoers attack of 🙏🏻 Stay healthy.
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electrohk🇭🇰 May 25
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Gloooooria Lee May 19
Replying to @richardhorton1
I believe the government in the West could have done better, so do China, the origin of . But the Chief Editor never say a word to China’s inadequacy, and always criticise the work in the West. Is his comments neutral and independent? I doubt that.
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Twitchy Team May 21
ROASTED: James Woods sends Kamala Harris savage ‘letter’ about why he and others call COVID the
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j.s. massey May 26
Fuck you china nasty fuckin country
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Athena May 26
The whole thing could have be controlled at a much earlier stage.
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Andrew May 23
Replying to @TomTugendhat
Good to hear. After pandemic, the UK seems to have realized that it should always put national security and public interests ahead of technological development.
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gabby_p May 23
Thank you for your support! We hope USA government can help us resist , they made the world in danger, they brought the to our world, made many innocent people victimized, please punish them!
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William Lamberth May 27
A few weeks ago we ordered some masks on and didn't look closely at where they were coming from. They literally were made in Wuhan, China as in No thank you. Looks like we will be finding some that are Better safe than sorry.
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Tan Tri 12h
Contribution of ,, vs. in controlling .. Explained in mere 33 seconds! Do watch ..
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