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Last Days Of This Wicked World Jan 14
warns "When I ask for , I’m asking you to SAVE YOUR LIFE. But if you don’t want to save your life, then leave it to God. He’ll settle it. Let me tell you how He’ll settle it: An EYE for an EYE, a t…
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Shilan Saadi Dec 18
Homelessness and losing everything is what ordinary people get when there is a war.The people who don’t have a part in the war, this is the reason why they are hopeless. However my characters have a hope in the middle of hopelessness.
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ISS Dec 31
Best of 2018 > What are the effects of violent extremism among South Sudanese and Somalian refugees in Ethiopia?
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Nick Monroe Dec 27
Replying to @nickmon1112
June 2018. 1.) "EU needs single market. should be based on what people want and need." says Mastercard to EU policymakers. 2.) "Why digital ID is essential to refugees' inclusion "
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International Rescue Committee - Europe Dec 27
Thanks for including at in your picks from 2018: . Proud of our partnership for , sharing Shakespeare’s rallying cry for humanity. Watch the film here:
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Australian Progress Dec 11
Announcement: We are incredibly proud and honoured to have as a speaker for on June 20-21 for . Join Behrouz at Australia's largest social change conference. Early bird discounts end on December 19th -
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