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Kal Dischler Apr 2
Today, another HF cut his short position in by 50%: Greenvale Capital, from 0.95% to 0.48% (source: ) futher decreases will not be reported below 0.5%
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CASHLess Society Apr 4
UBS report sees the industry as a strong long term investment, and "prefer leading payment players.." "Technological trends are accelerating payment volumes" Long-term investors can benefit from potential short term mispricings.
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Hajo 19h
Approaching the KPMG report on , we should expect upfront media coverage again. For a journalist, a rumor is an information. The denial is just another information. For some media the quality of the information is not important, as long as it reaches the headlines.
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Hajo Apr 5
slowly recovering. Remember next weeks will bring KPMG report (22.04.), audited Financial Statements for 2019 (30.04.) and Q1 earnings call (12.05.). And every day without news about KPMG report and without reducing outlook for 2020 is a good day!
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Easy-Passphrase-Saver Apr 2
In addition to PayPal and IOTA, we have introduced Sofortüberweisung. Remember your passphrase and protect it safely. No matter whether or any other
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Ihor Dusaniwsky Apr 6
WDI GR short int is $2.96BN; 26.78MM shs shorted; 23.32% of float; 3.50% borrow fee. Shs shorted up +3.04MM shs, +12.8%,over last 30 days as price fell -19% & down -316K shs,-1.17%,last week. Shorts up +$28MM in 2020 mark-to-market profits;-$162MM on today's +5.46% move
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Kal Dischler 14h
will publish the full KPMG report in 2 weeks. What will the shareprice do on 22nd of March?
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Stefan Schaaf Apr 6
UBS hatte -CEO Braun in virtueller Konferenz: "CEO Braun to confirm Wirecard's 2020 guidance at this point, which is looking for EBITDA of €1,000-1,120m, which at mid-point of €1,060m is in line with cons. €1,059m, while we remain a bit more cautious at €1,046m."
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Studentenjobs Apr 6
Werkstudent China Payment & Sales Marketing (m/w/d) Division Sales Retail
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The FinTelegram Apr 7
and evidently have a close connection as it is again used by criminals to facilitate the cash flow from the victims to the fraudsters as reports
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Wirecard : collaborates with leading Hungarian e-commerce agency UNAS
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Dr. Fred MD/PD/XYZD 8h
Replying to @AIMhonesty @ncsmiff
Why are you laughing? Of course they followed the appropriate procedures 😁
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NiemalsAfD 21h
Aha! Und wenn Kriminelle Mercedes fahren, sollte man die Automarke nicht mehr kaufen? Iss klar! Wirecard: Schlag gegen international operierenden Online-Broker-Betrugsring gelungen - IT-Times
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Andy Rogers Apr 6
Replying to @_MarkusBraun
A very promising area given the current crisis. The changes in consumer behavior will be lasting.
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CASHLess Society Apr 3
Replying to @wirecard
Merchants without access to digital payments lose out more as remote buying increases, which is why 's initiative is so important. Now is the time to promote and design digitization programs for commerce and the economy!
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flw Apr 6
Replying to @FelixHoltermann
Hallo Herr Holtermann, darf ich noch mit einer Antwort zu u.g. Fragen zu und rechnen oder gibt‘s „aus Gründen“ hier wieder keine Antwort?:-)
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anallies-this Apr 1
Not sure. What we do know is your tweet presents the perfect opportunity to remind people that you and are the same person and that lying is as easy as breathing to you
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Patrick Basiewicz Apr 6
I am surprised that nobody is making the point that 1) E&Y was freekeed out by a short report on and stepped out its audits 2) what does that imply for their efforts on / ?
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Vontobel Zertifikate 13h
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Detective 101 16h
Replying to @cmpndng
is Germany's Enron. I have been sounding the bell since last June. If WDI keeps getting bigger and bigger, their fall will decimate Germany's economy. But, hey, WTFDIK?
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