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mair robinson 9 Jun 12
Replying to @TomGibbsGolfPro
any idea how they are doing, tried hard with swing today, scored rubbish, got backache :)
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Lisa Lewis Jan 16
Replying to @melerijenks
Get you miss advanced. I was aiming to get there by 31/12/19. 😉. 😘
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Collette Duncan 2 Jul 12
can't say I'm too impressed with this fifty shades of grey malarkey so far like
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T S Petersen 15 Feb 18
For goodness sake over the bloody delays that are stopping me from completing my freaking book. 😡😡🤬
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Tink 🧚🏼‍♂️ ✨ 30 Jul 14
Crap run. Not sure this is for me some days.
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Christie Lovvorn Nov 28
Thanks for providing an opportunity for us to pitch our work and connect with others. Until next time...
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Maria Sutton 29 Sep 13
Watching Downton for first time ever - have no idea who's who or what's goin on
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Cathy Sample 15 Jun 14
Replying to @davebelfield
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LukeWarm Trip-Ts 15 Oct 13
Had a better morning yesterday but Have a lovely day, dear &stretch
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Clara Bell 3 Oct 13
Replying to @rach_east
@racccchhyyy xxx love u xxx
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Christine Bagot 2 May 17
mine are tiny seedling of this as yet.
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W.A. Basketball 23 Jan 14
It is in the rough times when you know who you can go to war with and i will go with my 11 eagle warriors to any war
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Amanda 8 May 12
Trying 2 have break from Disney channel on TV & listening 2 radio instead only problem is mr2 starts getting feral w/out it
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Sandra Pell 21 Oct 13
Replying to @MarianKeyes
I have yet to watch it but have seemed to have lost the feeling of "I must see it NOW!"
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Paddy Heaney 3 Feb 15
Replying to @RyanMcCann90
Currently watching Orange Is The New Black. A lot of lesbian content. But it is set in a women's prison.
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Emma 13 Aug 13
trying to understand twitter once and for all.
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Jessie Jumbles 1 Apr 12
Same time same place next Sunday ? We really should stop meeting like this
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Aaron P. Swain 13 Apr 13
Lookin' forward to teaching on the Perseverance of the Saints tomorrow in our Grace 102 class
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Katelyn Christensen 25 Feb 15
Obviously today is going really well with my social media and sugar fast. Really really well.
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Thomas Willshire 20 Feb 13
Just received some excellent feedback on my Sit-Com pilot 'Slammed' from 's . Much appreciated! !
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