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Katie Bennet Dec 9
because he was my best friend. Because the three of them beat me up so bad they broke my ribs. Because I was scared and ashamed. 5 years later, I’ve still never told.
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Kaylee Nov 3
When I was 16 and raped, the cop told me it was my fault.
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Gage Scavitti Dec 12
Replying to @TheEconomist @UN @NATO
3/ Details of horrors, moves people. .... hinged on calling what they went through more than just an "Sexual Assault".... Genocide is a Word without Details.
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Harriet Jacobs Dec 11
He was my master and I could not fight back to protect myself and my children. If I reported I could've been hurt. I'm thankful that we have resources today helping people who have been victims of assault.
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blackbird Dec 12
- Because I was just 3 and I didn't know about it - Because I had gotten so used to it happening that it was until I turned 11 that I realized how wrong it was. - Because he beat me whenever i didn't want to -Because I was scared - Because i didn't know how to
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Wendy Jaffe Dec 11
1.Textbook. Dstxn o/evidence, threatening lives, livelihood, personal & professional reps of victims, bribing witnesses, I can go on- granularly.2.Shareholders, investors, plan +pension admins & victims SHOULD sue.
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K.A. Dorgan, PhD Oct 19
In case you missed it..... This essay was Rejected repeatedly. I kept at it until (a 95% Rejection Rate Pub) took a chance on it. Find a language for your story. Find a way to tell your story. Find the right time to tell your story.
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Emily ✨ Dec 12
: She was my best friends older sister. I was only ten, she was fifteen when it happened and I was in shock. I didn't know why she asked where my hand was. I didn't know why she started touching herself and me below the waistline. I didn't know why she started +
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Victoria Fisk Oct 9
- I was drinking - My friend laughed when I told her what happened, so I figured everyone would have the same reaction - He lived the floor below me in the dorms & had mutual friends, I would still see him all the time - I didn’t have any ‘proof’ besides my word
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🏴🦇Chrono Hellraiser🦇🏴He/Him Oct 16
CW: Abuse and r*pe He would have yelled at and gaslit me and likely gotten violent towards me. I didn't have anyone to turn to at the time.
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Amanda Oct 10
I was the one who put this up in my school and I didn’t know what to expect, I haven’t added mine yet, but I thought everyone should read these responses.
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Betty H 16h
The more I work on this thematic analysis on Brett Kavanaugh and the movement, the more frustrated I get with US politics. I'm actually sick of coding the phrase "privileged white male in position of power" now. How are half of these senators still working?
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Brett’s in Boston Dec 10
I have never been raped so I can’t answer that question. You should read others opinions who have been raped and why they didn’t report it or didn’t pursue convictions. and are two good places to start.
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PV Dec 11
Slap in the wrist. You’re free to go now. Carry on.......
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Truth Writer Nov 23
I deleted my very lengthy threads in Sept & Oct. Because. Trolls.
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Bottom of the Main Line Dec 12
Replying to @SInow
Congratulations to Rachael Denhollander. All the people commenting should click on the link, watch Rachael’s full testimony, and then go back and read the comments again. Maybe you’ll understand why speaking up is so difficult. Thank you, Dr. Ford.
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NerdPosse 2h
He doesn't deserve anonymity. He deserves accountability.
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Stephanie Oct 16
We know everything we need to know about you and it isn't pretty.
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𝕊𝕒𝕞𝕞𝕪 𝕁𝕠 Dec 12
Replying to @pobresitafinch
Summing up the movement perfectly, April Reign tweeted, “The hashtag answers this stupid, nonsensical question that should never have been asked.”
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Mykah Sutton 🎅🏻🎄❄️☃️ Nov 11
He was 18, I was 14. He told me it was ok, but it wasn’t and I was too naive to realize that at the time. He was 22, I was 15. I felt sick to my stomach, but when I told someone they said it wasn’t a big deal and it was never spoken of again.
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