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Erinn O'Dear Jun 21
Replying to @cnnbrk
Notice all the men in the responses asking why she waited despite and several articles and research highlighted in the last few years. They have their answer, but still don't see it.
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Dr. Nicole M. Eastman, D.O. Jun 22
Replying to @DrNicoleEastman
I never told anyone about this until I was 37 years old, after hearing Dr. Ford's testimony and the conversation about why people don't report.
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Linda Chapman Jun 17
Replying to @Literature_Lady
>20yrs since my last drugging/rape & I'm just now trying 2figure if there is a point 2 reporting. Ritzy restaurant torn down shortly after, & hot tub biz rape local diff biz now & guy w parrot probably long gone. I bet mom bought him another biz elsewhere by now.
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fellowgirlnamedgrace Jun 21
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Jordyn Koehn Jun 22
The amount of hateful comments on this story is horrific and depressing. Having a rapist in office only let's other rapists know that they are free to rape as long as they have money.
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The Pixel Project 2h
: Two executives at Tokio Marine Kiln resign in wake of sexual harassment allegations
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Kendra Arsenault Jun 23
Looking at some reasons why victims stay in abusive relationships within the faith community. Full episodes available @
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Neha Banka  (네하 방카) 19h
Boris Johnson was conveniently photographed with his fiance after police were called to the home he shared with her, by neighbours who reported a woman screaming & domestic disturbance. This is why women don't report abuse.
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Sophia A. Nelson Jun 23
Amen I was 8. I spoke out after 40 years of silence when the hashtag went viral. ❤️
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QueenofInfiniteSpace Jun 22
I would also tell you to look at some of the literally hundreds of thousands of stories at but you're exactly the sort of reprehensible dick who would claim they were made up. (They're not. My own account is among them. I was 5.)
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Tentative Apologist Jun 22
Replying to @JasonBik
That's simply not true. That is *common* for sexual assault survivors. You can start by checking out the hashtag
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Simone OnHomes Jun 20
Just because she's a strong woman doesn't mean it didn't happen. Just because she's okay today doesn't mean it didn't happen. Doesn't mean she was "Wit It" AND FUCK PEOPLE WHO REFUSE TO UNDERSTAND
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Marilia Coutinho, Ph.D. , the #BaffledImmigrant 12h
Replying to @SaraGideonME
2/ ... shared their stories with the hashtag and the 12K men who signed the NYT add were worn out and defeated. still doesn't have her life back. Collins must be defeated and forgotten as if she had never existed.
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Melissa Lyons - Asylumc3 Jun 19
Replying to @MLyons7903
Keep your own records of hard facts, when dealing with abuse. I regret not reporting mine out of fear, lack of support and no plan for escape. . I've healed, educated myself, and have a spine now, which hate :}
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Neha Banka  (네하 방카) Jun 21
Why women don't report domestic violence:
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Shari-Lynn Jun 21
... even if you join a whole chorus of women (this makes 16) you are not believed. The harshest criticism comes from other women. I believe you, E. Jean Carroll. 🌎 🇧🇲
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SASC-Columbus,GA Jun 18
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ジナン。 Jun 18
PROUD FEMINIST/Mother/Wife /RE-SISTER 🗽 ♀ 🐕🐈🌎🌈🔬🐳🐝📚☮ 🌊 ~ 🔥 to pay ~ ⏰'s UP
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A. River Jun 16
Replying to @runsthruit
Also, since y’all are requiring people carry pregnancies resulting from rape, at the very least, don’t disuade these & other victims from seeking to reduce future harm.
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LittleMichelleLives Jun 22
Replying to @Alyssa_Milano
Abuser, Liar, Worst President in History! Cult leader! His cult following says the same hateful things! Racist and Misogynistic! It's hard being believed when your rapist is famous!
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