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Kamel wallace 12h
camryn I dont mean to sound disrespectful I think u are overrated as an actress please dont be sensitive I'm just giving my opinion.
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Jean Jacques Dessalines 3h
Replying to @J_H_5
Please whitesplain what white slaveowners had done to slaves for over 2 hundred years if you think the revenge Blacks administered w/ anger upon hearing Napoleon was going to re-enslaved them. Your whitewashing of history won’t work here colonizer.
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My_Own_Opinions 🇨🇦 2h
Wonder if they also think if the dog were white, would that make the owner even more of a ? If the dog were black? Would that make them a slave owner and a member of the KKK?
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facepalm 2h
Don’t count on it, “Sara” is yet another newly spawned 10 follower troll. Likely another SGR created account to give herself some semblance of credibility outside the & circles.
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Gary Apr 19
as stated by a
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Bradley King 15h
Replying to @kristijrn @Ark305 and 3 others
I like the policy that he’s not a 🤷🏾‍♂️ Yes, I’ve become that desperate 😂
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Larry Apr 17
Replying to @KaitMarieox
Can’t you go back to the backwoods you crawled out of?
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Mike Barlow 2h
Replying to @PaulineHansonOz
After the everyone and their dog was shouting Terrorist! But all we hear about the attack is its a Terrorist! No one is prepared to call a spade a spade and say Its WHY?
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Stuart Goltzman Apr 20
Replying to @bjcreigh
It be great if we had mandatory inter-race and inter-religion reproduction only. In 50 years everyone would be the same. And all would be well in the world. As we are already the same. I'm sure a would take an heart if their life depended on it
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Late2party Apr 18
Judging from majority of WOC (and women) on my TL this explanation doesn’t pass smell test sorry The difference in urgency between the dem leadership on tv and other congresswomen is STRIKING re deep concerns for an ongoing criminal illegitimate presidency
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ann marie 4h
Invaders! Go back to Europe!
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Wes Janssen 23h
So I don't know who Chrissy Teigen is, but I do know she's told the truth. Laura Ingraham is plainly a depraved and aggressively shameless .
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Why do I keep seeing this? Apr 19
. How in the world could you have thought rape of slaves was a wise angle??? I will become a speaker against you--not via twitter, which is for idiots. You freaks should be called out.
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Sharon MacMillan Apr 20
Replying to @PapaJohns
Sorry, I don’t order .
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Andy Wells 14h
It must be really dark inside 45's rectum! LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES
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󠁧󠁢BeuwenDragon🐻 22h
Replying to @Blizzard_Ent
Oh my goodness ! Don't you know? Unicorns are symbols now! ... Oh no, you don't support White Supremacy do you?! Shame Blizzard! Shame!
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Turn Tennessee Blue 13h
Good job, . Thanks for taking this evil, - worshipping away from the border. He took the law into his own hands, endangered the lives of innocent immigrants, and held them against their will because they have brown skin and speak Spanish.
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My_Own_Opinions 🇨🇦 13h
I guess trying to paint the opposition as or is not divisive enough for you? Then what would you call that?
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osei 19h
How is he racist? You have an openly racist Tory Party, ( scandal, 's link to a known Bannon, etc...), but your response is to attack the messenger? 👏Well done, you are in denial.
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Marco Kinney #GTFTO #MustBeAMarxist #JC4PM2019 12h
and that you had once marched through a Sussex village singing Youth songs. More recently, you were filmed having a conversation w/ ! According to (see ) is the manager of a project that is
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