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NameLess 3m
As says wants to meet , well I suggest that brings a Replica of the for as a Present because if he could export the IR-Revolution to US, he'd command his men to turn the to Mosque (ترجمه👇)
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The Epoch Times 4h
White House Drafts Order to Probe Tech Giants for Bias, Antitrust Issues
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Tony Bell Sep 21
Replying to @SenateGOP
Also, why is the FBI's investigating 's claim so anathema to the and ? The GOP these days seems to abjure independent investigations of any sort: Trump, Russia, two Congressmen and now Preppy Brett.
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بو سيف 8m
Can an Arab oil be a therapy for American democratical illness ?!!
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@theLadyArcher77🌊 Sep 20
Things a might withhold to gain a for $200
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tara strong Sep 19
I’m sorry... WHAT??!! What species IS HE? needs to call pest control
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Rewati Ray 17h
Daily briefing at the is the most scientific and powerful weapon of American Democracy and the light for President to dispel all darkness, lies/rumors & convey daily messages. India will thrive by adopting this method- .
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Naama Yehuda 2h
Never before did or refuse to ask to re-open an investigation when new information came to light. Not only that but GOP on the Judisicary Committe are refusing to call more than 2 witnesses & already stated they'd vote for Kavanaugh. Shameful.
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Families Belong Together March 6h
Good morning! A reminder that children are still in jail and that the Trump Administration is trying to make it so they can stay there indefinitely.
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Marigold Books 6h
Fear: Trump in the White House Author: Bob Woodward Published by: Thorndike Press Large Print, 2018 Pages: 448 Price: US$18.75
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JFs Musings from.... 13h
Replying to @HuffPost
I won't even have time for golf. Who would want to leave the ? There is so much work to do. F**king Liar and the laziest if all P.
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Silly Gurl Sep 21
He was at the for ?? hours in 2 days. Why? making sure he's loyal to his new boss maybe? puts another one on2 flock..
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Crispy Zebra ❄ 2h
Let’s pop over to the and see what’s happening...😮
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punkgoku84 Sep 16
Replying to @punkgoku84
just say no this is more pictures of doing inappropriate touching. Some embarrassed laughing it off to avoid rocking the boat. Another in the . Like only Bills didn't involve .
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Rabbi Latz Sep 22
This is the most vile, repugnant, morally bankrupt administration and in American history.
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Stephanie Hamill Sep 19
Trump Diversity Coalition slams & for not participating in White House Hispanic Heritage Month. WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE:
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Lina Raudino Grosso 39m
Why not take him were normal presidents,but your not and should take him to , you know, the place you should be taking dignitaries of the world. Why that is your old home which you use personally
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Cyber Security 1h
" draft order directs probes into tech giants: Bloomberg" -
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Second Echo 2h
What a great end to an incredible weekend! TY- & all the , TN locals who came out to support . 1 more chance to catch of in This Wed-9/26 2025 Rosa L Parks Blvd Show @ 7PM No Cover :)
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claudio tecchio Sep 21
President Donald ’s strategy is to make the trade war with “unprecedentedly large” and “unbearably painful” for , and he will not back down before victory, former chief strategist said in an exclusive interview
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