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Lauren Deutsch Aug 24
Today's would make the perfect dress. It is a 1920-24 taupe silk dress with embroidered flowers on it. It looks surprisingly modern with the intricate embroidery and the scalloped edges.
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Dr Kate Strasdin Jul 19
A fancy Friday frock designed by , scarlet satin broken only by a black patent belt and shiny black buttons. The sharp neckline is perfect for a side-eye stare at the inevitable observers,
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Dr Kate Strasdin 20 Aug 18
When sketch and garment meet, you can see from a c1912 sketch that the shape, layers and embellishments of her imagination were realised very accurately in the garments she then produced with the distinctive silhouette present in both drawing & dress,
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Lauren Deutsch May 21
Today's is a 1918 Chiffon and Metallic Lace Evening dress . I love blush pink color with the grecian silhouette. The metallic lace also adds a hint of modernity. The tassel in back is also quite fun
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