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T2inDC Oct 20
Replying to @kylegriffin1
That was always the plan. Let’s not act surprised. These children are being trafficked through DeVos. Remember when and was trending?
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Adreana Langston 30 Nov 19
You are absolutely NOT alone in asking . Because LOOK at how many pedos have been arrested among GOP operatives.
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Chris Jul 5
I’m still very worried for the girls separated from their parent(s) at the border.
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Gustavia Bones Jul 5
trump is a human trafficker, mark my words stolen from their families at the border
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Amriana Jan 17
Weak, sick & jealous. He would not be allowed to polish their shoes or come close to them. 5 km radius. His diaper is full!!! ??!!!
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Sue B Sep 13
Replying to @SMWillox @thebr0keb0i
Exactly, they were bussing the girls out at night. A bunch of us were asking in 2017
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Americana 10 Nov 19
How much per kid as a sex slave? Millions! Priceless the damage done in caging, drugging and raping children. Money and empty beds is the smoke screen-
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Merrylegs Feb 11
Replying to @Arriadna @tonic516
How long have we been illegally separating children from their parents?
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Adrienne Mar 21
Replying to @angry__saint
I think the media should stop airing tRump at all!! He’s trying to kill us! and never ever forget
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ZOLA Jan 31
Efforts are better than promises.
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John Moffitt 🌊🌊🧢🧢 Dec 25
Replying to @JohnRMoffitt
The reason for the season in 2019 is to remember and to keep asking ? ? Do not let Trump get away with this crime against humanity.
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save our democracy! Oct 24
Absolutely! Remember when it first started and there was a hashtag? All the pictures were like miniature prisons filled with little boys. And no girls.
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Cate #BlackLivesMatter #ByeByeDon Jul 25
Replying to @jacobsoboroff
You say ‘kids’. The only kids we see are boys!!! ???????
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Corrie💔💔💔 USA Abused Children Oct 26
Especially the girls.
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Carmen  DeVito Sep 9
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Moe Murph- 45 Years of Soc. Security Payments : ( Jun 11
Replying to @charlesjaco1
Hawley in photo op at border after child separation . Toddler behind him (face obscured here) looked as if her hair had not been combed in weeks. He was OBLIVIOUS.
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🌊ForlornHope #RestorativeDemocracy 🌊 TR 🌪🌈 Oct 7
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Kelly DiPucchio Oct 4
While working on a newspaper interview today I stumbled across this photo of Kamala Harris signing a copy of GRACE FOR PRESIDENT in Philadelphia last month.
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Sue B Jun 26
Yes, it's possible that they are engaged in human trafficking. Back when they were putting children in cages we were asking . They were being bussed out at night. They didn't keep records on purpose.
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Caryn Can’t Forget the Stolen Children Feb 14
And finding the ones who were kidnapped and “adopted”
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