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MyMusicTaste May 18
All complete now! πŸ™Œ Can you solve it? Leave a comment with your guesses! Come back on Tuesday for the big reveal! πŸ₯ with
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Kelly J 2h
Replying to @Little_Blue84
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MyMusicTaste May 15
A number, a letter, and a dancing emoji! πŸ€” Can you guess what is coming next?πŸ‘€ with
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Laertes 6h
My ex-best friend hath just slain my father, causing poor Ophelia to go off in the head, and then a priest debates wether she hath to be buried in sacred or normal ground! Can this dayeth get any worse?:(
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Justified24 5h
Two talent heavyweights, Michael Arena () & John Healy () discussed what the next 3-5 years might look like for talent leaders everywhere. Check out their predictions for talent and organizations alike.
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When looking for a new car keep in mind how much you are willing to spend, ask for the car’s maintenance history, research how much the vehicle is worth, take a test drive and pull up the vehicle’s history to see if it has been in any accidents.
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Applied Innovation May 16
Kudos for winning the AI in Retail challenge πŸ†πŸ‘
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Jimmy Geers May 19
In the last 7 years that I follow crypto, I still miss mass adaption. 99.99% is still speculation.
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CJ May 14
15 spots available!!! Get your order in by tomorrow!
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Iron&Glass Craft Beer 5h
We also got that Hop Jon for your enjoyment! Get you some of that NEIPA with those hoppy notes of orange, passion fruit, and peach from Galaxy and Citra hops to compliment the light body with malt character
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MyMusicTaste May 16
Adding two more hints! πŸ™Œ Is it getting clearer? πŸ˜‰ with
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New Soft Tennis Racquet β€œG” coming this summer.
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Mose May 19
If we’re being honest, I think we all know who should have ended up as Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms and who should have been his hand.
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SergiOH May 19
Weirdly sucked into a YouTube rabbit hole.
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Andi Dolphin Billig 22h
I made it through day, but... headache pounding each time I cough, sinus stuffing up, dizzy(up the girl), then I went and mowed and, although no allergies, ran out of breath pushing mower on a flat lawn. So so sore, but I made it through the day.
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Still Visionary, Inc. 8h
Today (05/21/19) at 6 PM CST... Whats Next!? Episode 14: Purpose ft drops on my website (), SoundCloud (Still Visionary Inc.) and iTunes (John Ross Dike)! …
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Lia B May 13
I’m so proud of myself!!! πŸ€— πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’™πŸ
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Ian Whannel 14h
So the Tom Swarprick trick never worked ? Or have we already hit the maximum level of your intellect Tony?
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LeAnn Marsherall 2h
Replying to @AndrewWHAM
West wing needs to be watched in its entirety immediately. GREAT show!
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TheyCallMeCoach May 19
it’s been a long 9 years. I loved the whole thing.
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