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Sherri Moorer Jun 29
is all of my novel ideas BEFORE I write the rough draft.
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Tiel Lover Jul 5
My birds know that I would do anything for them and that they can count on me to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. Well maybe they don't know all that, but they do know to come to me for comfort when they're scared or don't feel well!
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Marianna & Sunny Jul 6
Replying to @TheRoost10
mom makes up the corniest songs for me and dances & claps for me too... I’ve got her well trained as my jester 🤹‍♀️
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El Groucho Jul 13
Otto knows I'm a big softy who will sneak that last whiskey before bed. Otto knows how much fun we have whistling new songs and making up random crap! Otto also knows best spots to bite me on!!!
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The Roost Jul 5
So, what does your bird know about you that's perhaps funny, serious, scandolous, goofy, secrets, embarassing, quizzical, etc.? We wanna know! Tell us using: Be sure to include the hashtag & don't forget to tag with your responses!
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