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Maggie 10h
When you're just trying to be a good wing woman but your bitch is slightly too drunk.
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Liz Gutierrez Feb 22
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Gigi LG Feb 22
What the hell broke lose on twitter?
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Tea with Tae X Kooki Feb 22
Replying to @BTS_twt
is it just me or everything is kinda related to "Dream" these days ...
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sandra davies 16h
that the TIG didn’t mention brexit in their reasons to join as a group.
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Emmy Gonzalez Feb 13
Gurl idk why when the hair hits light it looks red
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Sydney 20h
Soooo many people at the airport, it’s more swamped than usual
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Dr. Lanyon 16h
Replying to @drjekyll101
I will call to ask for an explanation. This man is clearly insane! He has drank the potion, and is in the midst of transforming into another being! What scientific balderdash!
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Karina❤️  ❤️ 21h
I am finding you absolutely useless I am promised that my lost item would be looked into and hear nothing 😡 I have tried to call your offices and have held for an hour at one point today and still can’t get through ????
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Jaice 1h
I was that female yesterday who ate a burger without the bun and it was even just as good. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Shannon Coty Feb 21
My boobs won’t stop growing ??
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marissa Feb 21
I heard something outside my door that sounded like a kid or meowing... dont ask me how it sounded like both. It just did.
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Ophelia Feb 15
your mood swings are giving me whiplash
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Scott Hussey Feb 15
2 hour delay!!
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Stephanie Taylor Feb 21
After a decade hiatus, I'm back
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Louise Hartje Feb 18
Well that’s 90-odd minutes of my life I won’t get back....
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Jazmin Minier Feb 20
Replying to @realDailyWire
This is so disturbing. You cannot put Feminist and Pastor in the same sentence.
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Things that baffle me 12h
My cat is baffled by the rain. “Dafooq is thiz hooman?”
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Loretta Owens Feb 14
Replying to @ARmastrangelo
Lord, what
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Daniel Mcgregor Feb 18
Replying to @MrBotch
Even the drive into Huddersfield was busier than normal at 6:45 this AM.
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