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Carrie Dennett, RDN 1h
Telling someone their weight will kill them isn't encouragement, it's concern trolling. And it has roots in the pervasive myth of personal responsibility: via
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Carrie Dennett, RDN 13h
People of all sizes deserve fitness clothing that fits — but more than that, they deserve respect, whether or not they choose to exercise! via
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Sarah Jackson 3h
Fantastic article from graduate breaks down the complex causes of and outlines the (unhelpful) impact of . Worth a read.
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Ali 23h
For those of you who think the solution to the 'obesity causes cancer' nonsense is to eat less and move more...
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Carrie Dennett, RDN Jul 21
Why do so many individuals — and our culture as a whole — continue to adhere to the idea that we can shame people into better health (typically translated as losing weight)? via
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Sandie Jul 18
Replying to @Michelle_CRUK @CR_UK
Yes except for a large difference - obesity is not a choice, no-one wakes up and decides to become obese which is very distinct from an individual picking up their first cigarette. Why compare the two in the first place?
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Alexis Conason Jul 19
in the fertility space: "The belief that a high body weight causes infertility and that weight loss is necessary to resolve infertility underpin almost every interaction a heavy woman will have with the reproductive health care industry."
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Robyn L. Goldberg, RDN, CEDRD Jul 19
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is negative judgment based on weight, shape, and/or size.
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Carl-Magnus Broden 19h
”... a fitness advertisement ... read, This summer, do you want to look like a mermaid or do you want to look like a whale?”
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McCallum Place Jul 19
Lauren Anton, RD discusses the impact of in the treatment of with .
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Ellen Lambert Jul 17
I have written a piece highlighting some of the, often under-reported, causes of . To better support people with obesity in our society, we must educate ourselves on the condition's complex nature & endeavour to reduce
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theinbetweenqueen Jul 15
It’s only illegal in two states to engage in weight based discrimination which like....ugh
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ED_MomNL Jul 19
"Inclusive Schools" from the . The examples of and promotion of cited in this thread from the current Health curriculum materials run counter to the Definition of Inclusive Education from
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Emma Dunn Counsellor Jul 17
Replying to @Mpmok @WeAHPs @AHPs4PH
I have clients who stop seeing health professionals because of fear of their weight being mentioned yet again. Let's not assume people of a larger size do not know this might be associated with ill health. A lot of work needs to be done on to regain trust.
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may complicate an eating disorder diagnosis & recovery.
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ED_MomNL Jul 18
CW Is Our School's Health Program Putting Our Children at Risk? An Open Letter to the Minister of Education and the Minister of Health from a Concerned Parent
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Zoe Trinder-Widdess Jul 15
I was on 's show this morning talking about and 's / smoking / cancer campaign. I'm on at 0:48:55 but also worth listening to Thought for the Day from Stacey Shepherd of . She's on at 1:13:00
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Melody Harding Jul 19
I wrote a (long-winded 😉) post for regarding my struggle with Macromastia and an ever growing body. Have a read! ☺️
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The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt Jul 18
Internalized can cause us to miss out on all that a has to offer. This article by talks about how therapists can help you challenge weight stigma.
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