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KiltronX Enviro Systems Corp. Oct 19
Bedbug assurance kiltronx & .com
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Daily Hive Montreal Oct 19
Canada has ended their price-matching program
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Chris Sweeney 8h
Just got my delivery order from with free delivery with + and making some beef chili fir tonight. Sorry to those that work with me tomorrow.
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Crazy Ralph Oct 19
If that thing shits I'm not god damn cleaning it up!!!!
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Crazy Ralph 11h
Nothing gets me in the mood to welcome customers quite like the god damn muzak version of Pump Up the Jam!!
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Kim Stungis Oct 18
Ordering groceries online from Walmart is a joke and a waste of time.
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Samhian 15h
A . They have great prices on candy
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Apply Credit Cards Easily & Quickly. Shopping Payment With Credit Card.
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Inez Mason Oct 19
Replying to @GovMLG
All you did was make a virus stronger, you have no idea how to control this virus. Your lockdowns are ridiculous, most working folks are sleeping when you want to impose these pointless lockdowns. I could catch from a you deemed essential, dictator.
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Jennifer Faye Oct 19
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🎃 JanTheMan 🏳️‍🌈 22m
The Circle of Capitalism.
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Patchouli Sky 18h
My wife found some craft supplies online at . She ordered them, & added a few groceries for curbside pickup. This was Sunday. Got home, took out the bread, & the "use by" date was the NEXT DAY. Precisely why we rarely shop at Walmart.
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Zaki A Oct 15
pricematch during. Not cool.
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Shirley Wedderburn Oct 19
I’m work 10 days straight and theses motherfuckers can’t even say thank you by giving my a refund or exchange of $3.00 because it was paid for with food stamps frontline
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Gary Pollard Oct 19
Why not take a look? 👀
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New Black Series at Walmart North Lauderdale FL - image via JimmyHanRises
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walmart Oct 15
§----<😍 Your Dream Starts Now 😍>----§ win $1000 Walmart gift card 🎁 from here §-----< what are you waiting for >-----§
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6” TBS TCW S7 Ahsoka hitting Walmart in San Antonio Tx. Image via Rafael C. - Facebook
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None Yobidness Oct 19
can you please tell me where the versa is meant to be worn? This picture on the .ca site leaves little to the imagination.
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Corie wisdom 3h
So we just bout this playstation stationary controller charger and got home plugged it in and cout fire now out of controler and charger ... This was going to be in my 7 year old boys room ...
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