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Safety First Feb 19
Replying to @RobbieBarwick
Yes as REGULATORY FAILURE destroys lives, jobs & businesses. . thrives on & as it pays the 1% very well.
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Ashley Johnson Feb 19
Still waiting for an actual response from about my missing pay that isn't some copy and paste or "someone else will handle this" bullshit. 4 days to not pay a promised peak bonus ON TOP OF STOLEN TIPS.
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Sherief Razzaque 2h
Bad day to be named "Natalie Brennan" and work for Muffin Break. Worse days ahead for MB franchise owners when some customers discover reports of and switch cafes. I hope the exploited workers get their justice, and the perpetrators their .
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QCU Feb 19
Fabulous work to raise awareness among students about the impact and danger of
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Hero 4h
Isn’t it time the people responsible for wage theft, such as Muffin Break, Degani’s, etc face jail time? It’s the only way this will be stopped. It’s an epidemic in the hospitality industry right now.
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elfelfelf 24m
Replying to @elfelfelf17
Many young people already work in hospitality. What benefits would they get from an unpaid internship at ? Why do an “internship” when they could get an actual, paying job elsewhere?
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(((Rory Lancman))) 15h
Replying to @NYCCouncil
remains an epidemic in New York City, especially in low wage industries. That's why and administration allocated $2.5 million in last year's budget to ensure workers had access to legal representation in wage theft cases.
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gio_wilde Law & Order Patron: Retributive Justice 1h
BEFORE: Muffin Break - boss... AFTER: Nuffin Broke -
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Hospo Voice 9m
Wow, this will blow your mind. Too bloody right, we won’t work for free. In the bin, . Gen Y is fighting back and we’re coming for every boss that behaves like you.
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wireless 22h
DoorDash subsidizes driver wages with tips | TechCrunch
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domnogin Feb 18
Replying to @domnogin
is easy once $5T in global end. includes for unpaid and , offsetting $7T in like , , and other . lives on .
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Still no action from the Fair Work Ombudsman because the Employer refused to talk to a FWO investigator... One company...Millions in underpaid wages and the FWO is out of Ammo...
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Unions Tasmania 1h
GET IN THE BIN, Labour isn’t free. It’s not yours to take from those desperate for jobs and opportunity. We’ve got a term for stealing worker’s labour for nothing - how does grab you?
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Eugene Strupinsky (no reason, no treason) 8h
Just how cynical is that name. Might as well be network
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elfelfelf 1h
Has looked into this? Looks like it could’ve admitting at
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JLPT Feb 17
With high-end restaurants such as being found guilty of wage theft of employees, should customers start to boycott them? And do food guides and reviewers have an obligation to report on this?
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Claire Parfitt 1h
boss says, if you seek to be paid according to the law: “Not only am I not going to hire you, I will tell everybody about you as well” Who do these entitled bosses think they are?!
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Nancy Vanster Feb 16
Replying to @VicUnions
Wage theft happens in the public sector too! Govt employers deliberately under-classifying jobs
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Safety First 4h
Replying to @unionsaustralia
Employers or Labour hire contractors who have staff & don't pay award + benefits must be put out of business & thrown in jail. Decent businesses that operate on fairness cannot compete with these criminal pariahs.
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AxemanTWU- Airline Safety Thug 3h
I did enjoy my local muffin break coffee. Won’t go back till they guarantee they are paying their staff what they are entitled to! I’m happy to tell them that it’s not acceptable to exploit young workers!
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