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Robert Davi 53m
We MUST admit some of the fault lies on US for continuing voting these miscreants into office - yes it is OUR FAULT - we either wake up NOW or lose this SHINING CITY ON A HILL to a DUNG HEAP OF SHIT INFESTED CITIES RUN BY SOROCRATS - think! BERNIE LIKES CASTRO - WHY?
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TempoTemptress 24h
Replying to @Reuters
Can sue Trump and the for lying to us thousands of times ?
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Elizabeth Doubleday Feb 25
Go !! Thank you for standing for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL people! Exactly what our founding fathers fought for. They would be proud of you. 🙌 stand with you! 🙏🇺🇸❤️
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🌹Tulsi & BernieZealot2.0 9m
It’s more how has our trust. We KNOW beyond doubt HE WILL DO HOS DAMNEDEST for & we know Liz WONT.
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jan kirby mccorkle 26m
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VapingIT, SPE, EEI Feb 26
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aspiesmom Feb 26
Replying to @pfizer
should have the Constitutional rights. should have NONE.
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Constituent 🌺 ⏳ Feb 24
Replying to @808constituent
Only 3 out of 50 states have voted. Don't let anybody tell you, this person doesn't have a chance. You get to decide through the vote you cast. You decide the message you want to send to Washington.
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Bellatrixx “Crusher” 2020 🆘✝️🇺🇸🇮🇪🇬🇧🔥 Feb 23
PSA: The election is not over. Nobody is “toast”. You can count on one hand the number of primaries/caucuses under our collective belt. will decide, not every wannabe . I’m very disappointed in you, .
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Shevrin Jones 4h
Wow! Uncle is a voice for our community, fighting for the very things I believe in. Your endorsement and support means a lot! Thank you!
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Joe Alarid🇺🇸 19h
Replying to @paulsperry_
I hope Trump tears it to the ground and these people face real justice! Thank you for all of the work you do for
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Angela Roman For Oregon Feb 25
💥 Press Release 💥 I know you're busy draining the federal please help me in my fight to make sure Oregon doesn't add to it.
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Cmb 2h
Replying to @CREWcrew
Every day with this family gets worse for
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Nikki Bergeron 2h
Sarah, you do not need to apologize. You have executed your volunteer role well. You have represented with professionalism and honesty. I cannot imagine the level of darkness riders would be in without you and and
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Fook ur Labels 1h
This is what happens when try to If you pay attention to special interests and the shift of power and money, you see the ultra wealthy trying to keep hold of it.
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Milena G Feb 26
Replying to @jamelholley
The Dems (and O’Scanlon) here in NJ work for big pharma and special interests. They should all wear their sponsors on their suits like NASCAR drivers do. They forgot that they work for .
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Jeff Thomas Black Feb 23
Replying to @LRBitisnot
NO! THIS is NOT what we deserve. NOT 1% of what have had stolen from us in labor, land and wealth - and the top 20%, who own 90% of American Wealth need to wake the fuck up - OR RUN for their lives.
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Ed Hull Feb 24
I’ll be relieved when the Democratic Party finally selects its Presidential Candidate, so the bickering & infighting among Democrats & other Progressives on this choice can stop, the healing of our divides can begin, and can to .
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Stan Stinson 1h
"An informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will."
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CateKA 34m
Nancy the ripper prefers to embrace communism than protect and serve and the Constitution.
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