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Mark Soto Dec 14
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Lennie ⛄️ 9m
Replying to @MikeLevinCA @GOP
It’s just a sea of rich white guys congratulating each other on screwing over everyone who needs healthcare 🙄 Before Obamacare, my Insurance was 4x my mortgage. The keeps dragging us backward every time we make progress!
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Youth Suffrage 1h
Hey is this an old girlfriend? Is this why you defend the & the ?
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Amber Cole 2h
In a recent survey 90% of residents in Clayton/Openshaw had no idea who the local Labour councillors were.
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InnovanaBTrump 20h
Replying to @Suz523 @mkraju
Without integrity they will never be our leaders.
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Michael Robinson Dec 14
Replying to @LiberalAus
Australia can't afford the Liberal Party either, not with its 'Tax Incentives' to corporations who pay $0 in tax. Not for the Fossil Fuel subsidies which pollute our country and steal from our community.
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Matt ingram 1h
it's almost as if you want to be in opposition.
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Carrie Bearshaw 3m
Totally out of touch from the real world. And yet somehow is public enemy number 1.
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Rabbit Away 6h
The US govt is making it plain as can be - they don't want you crossing their borders unless you do it lawfully. That is their right. We may feel disgust and we can denounce the callousness of the order & the guards who enforce it, but .... there's only ONE remedy .
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Linda Brown 3h
Replying to @CalNBC @Lawrence and 2 others
Wait - numbers on arms - I’ve read about that somewhere before. If this country continues to stand with - we are not far from tattooing them on these people.
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fuzion777 Dec 14
Replying to @jaketapper @CNN
GOP motto: “if you can’t beat ‘em... power grab.” ... actually it’s just “power grab.” They do this crap even when they’re in total control.
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Jackie  🇬🇧  #FBPE (Full Brexit Pro Exit) Dec 12
My memberships in the BIN along with thousands of others
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Coach Quinn 8h
This is why we need to vote these people out of office. They don't understand even basic new technology. That's scary.
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Lady Bella Aaron 5h
Replying to @RepMattGaetz
You’re nothing but a shoddy conspiracy theorist. As a FL resident I’m going to make sure they look into you as well (thou doth protest too much) and going to make sure to do my part to make sure you aren’t elected again. Your type is done in this country.
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Heather Vining Dec 14
We spend a lot of time focusing on the Orange Menace and talking about the hatred and intolerance he makes possible. Nah. It was the hatred and intolerance of, evidently, around 40% of our citizens that made *him* possible. Today's aren't mere followers; we MUST
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Malcolm Lobo 5h
Wonder when you guys will talk FACTS and SESNSE. It’s unlikely you will change
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Itkahs 5h
Replying to @EdKrassen
Truly disgusting they take away Americans healthcare yet We The People Pay for them to have the Best healthcare! 2020
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Dink 4h
Don't let get their hands on it you will never see it again or know where it went to....
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Laura Kammer Dec 14
I don’t know what we can do to help this girl. I do know that I can
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Proud2BeLiberal with a Spine #SciffStormComing 6h
Replying to @chrislhayes
The right seems to continue to redefine how broken their moral compass is and has been. They have sunk to depths that were once thought untenable for human beings.
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