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Jonathan Simon Mar 15
Replying to @ProudResister
And how's this: You get to the polls and insist on protecting your democracy by serving as vote counters and observers?! That way, when you they'll actually have to leave. Election Admins say they could never find enough people to hand count - Let's Prove Them Wrong.
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Ryan Knight 🇺🇸 Mar 15
You don’t UNIFY with racism. You don’t UNIFY with misogyny. You don’t UNIFY with neo-Nazis. You don’t UNIFY with homophobia. You don’t UNIFY with Islamophobia. You don’t UNIFY with white nationalists. You don’t UNIFY with Trump and the GOP. You get to the polls and .
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Jina Jay Mar 16
Always vote. Always stand up for what is right.
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#Enough Mar 14
Lindsey knows his time is running out..
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Dawn W #FBPE 22h
And also - the way they act on social media doesn't inspire much confidence in the way they would behave as councillors.
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Kimberly Mar 14
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Tommy Lambert Mar 15
I find myself more disgusted by weak "Republicans" who want to cuddle up with nasty Dems and the MSM. They're hoping for some respect from these RATS only to be eaten by them. At least we KNOW who the Dems are!!
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♥️LovetheBucks🌹 Mar 15
- If you are raped, beat, injured, kidnapped, murdered by an illegal, that’s just tough shit cause I don’t care....that is what you & every No vote just said, you are against America and !!
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❌🇺🇸Sonya🇺🇸❌ Mar 14
It’s amazing how these Congressmen & Senators can vote to spend our tax dollars to protect other Country’s borders but not our own!!
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Stacy Willoughby Mar 14
12 Republican senators betrayed the American people today: Lamar Alexander, Roy Blunt, Susan Collins, Mike Lee, Jerry Moran, Lisa Murkowski, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rob Portman, Mitt Romney, Patrick Toomey, Roger Wicker. Meet the Gang of 12.
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MA & PA FARMERS 2.0 Mar 21
And give the pesky unemployed spenders a welfare card😜😜😜
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Garry M 17h
Finally the Mueller report is done. Pelosi and Schumer are foaming at the mouth! Trump will be cleared now. The two antiques Pelosi and Shumer should resign.
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Kim Yamaguchi 5h
So Congress demands special investigation, gets nothing, and now wants to sue themselves to get see nothing. You love to fight amongst yourselves forgetting the needs of the American people.
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BT 🇺🇸🌊 17h
Replying to @kenolin1
On the contrary, they’re pathetic weak hypocrite type people who for some reason have deaf ears where 45 is concerned. If 44 would have done even 1 of the numerous things 45 has done-they all would be losing their sheet! In the end we will have justice!
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Yogi Yother Mar 14
Here are the so called Republican Senators opposing border security effort.
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Kim Jordan 17h
Replying to @lazrmom
And elected officials who are anti-democratic. They are purposefully contradicting the wishes of the voters! Shame on them.
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Bev 13m
Replying to @SassyKadiK
what is wrong with Lindsey Graham? what have the Russians got on him? He needs to go! It's unbelievable.
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de-moneie Mar 20
I don’t know about y’all but I’m tired of old white men running this country in the ground.
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fridakahlofan🌊 18h
Replying to @andylassner
I'm sad to say not. Not a one. We ned to vote them all out.
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🌊 damselindefiance 🌊 17h
Replying to @sbidleman
That ship has sailed long long ago.
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