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Alex Mather Mar 20
The City's speed cameras clocked a driver doing 202km/h in a 40km/h zone. And 102km/h in a 30km/h zone. policies that don't physically restrict drivers from being extraordinarily dangerous aren't actually Vision Zero policies.
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Lauren Pelley Mar 20
New announcement from Tory:
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Nate Hood Mar 4
Whenever a public official says “We don’t have the money” ... For the cost of just ONE traffic signal ($250-$500k), we could fund 100+ of these tactical interventions. It’s a matter of priorities.
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Michael Kurz 18h
Original "vision zero" Toronto intentionally disregarded the core strategies of the program developed in Sweden and implemented in many cities. The new Toronto strategy at least acknowledges them. Hopefully real progress follows.
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Dave K 21m
Replying to @MegacityP @fordnation
He wasn't a good man at all. He would have opposed since it would have demanded he pay more attention on the road.
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Brad Bradford✌️ Mar 20
Great to hear prioritizing safety on arterial roads - where pedestrians are at greatest risk. New 2.0 report aims to address this. I’m working w , to bring a weekend pop-up to Danforth, demonstrating how we can design for safety first.
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ActionCmteForTransit 3h
Pedestrian struck in the Wildwood shopping center parking lot in Bethesda. Third pedestrian struck today, and it's only 3:15 pm.
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NACTO Mar 11
Free webinar: Despite making up only 4% of the U.S. vehicle fleet, trucks account for 7% of all pedestrian and 12% of all motor vehicle fatalities. Join us on 3/15 to see how NYC & Seattle are tackling this growing issue.
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Erica Mattison 44m
Replying to @JEM6B5
Gorgeous sky! 😃 Less gorgeous street situation! 😧
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Ydanis Rodriguez Mar 5
I will work w/ on the transportation master plan, starting by passing the street design checklist bill. Pedestrians & cyclists must feel safe & secure traveling in our urban environment. We must become less car reliant, end congestion.
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David Rider Mar 20
Replying to @JohnTory
News - Mayor says he will improve Toronto’s plan that has failed to reduce pedestrian and cyclist fatalities
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Reported Mar 20
Lexus LS 430 driver HYA5969 blocked the bike lane near 320 E 26th St on March 19. This is in Manhattan Community Board 06 & .
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NYPD 19th Precinct Mar 1
What do you choose to do in your spare time? Our all volunteer officers give back to their community & help keep our intersections safe. We can’t thank them enough for their dedication to the mission.
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Serra Sea supports trans rights Mar 21
I give a lot of guff on Twitter. But credit where it's due. The new items announced are a move in the right direction. I just hope that he and city council fund the initiatives properly.
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Kenny Uong Mar 5
A car hit my friend on Colorado Blvd. between Mar Vista and Michigan in yesterday at around 4:30 pm. As a result, she was taken to the hospital to get her injuries treated. Drivers, please yield to pedestrians!!! 🚸🚶🏻‍♀️
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Archer Sully 21m
Replying to @bouldercolorado
Trying to educate drivers is not .
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Leland Nightingale 9h
Replying to @LelandNigh
He didn’t like it because he’d have to go around the block when it was his turn to enter the site. Then they said it’s on the pedestrians to be careful walking out past the truck.
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B Yo Mar 4
Driver stopped at red light & perfectly straddling the crosswalk while on his cell phone. Pedestrians forced into the street to go around. Would have taken a picture, but then remembered it is distracted ped behavior like that causing the spike in fatalities.
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PEO Erin Urquhart Feb 26
If all the other cars ( in this section atleast) on St George are parked out of the bike lane, this white SUV has no excuse.... $150 tag served & Bay Street $150 served to large truck unloading. There’s still people out riding, ice covered bike lanes or not!
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Viridis 10h
Tory launches 'Vision Zero 2.0' with aim of lowering speed limits, making safer pedestrian crossings
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