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BAO 🥀 "Perpetual Heartbreak" Out Now! Nov 30
Replying to @Trungles
ICYMI: was my guest on Coffee with BAO this week. For the non speakers, here’s a little Easter egg about Trung’s book The Magic Fish. See or hear the full Episode 7 at
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SunSource Energy Nov 26
“Vietnam has already surpassed the targets for PV set under its Power Development Plan & it shows seriousness of government towards this industry. Our Co-Founder, delivering an address at India Vietnam Solar Industry Dialogue.
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LaochraGael Dec 1
First of four recipes by Marion's Kitchen that were on my list to try. If the next three are even half as tasty as this was (and simple to make) I'll be a happy man.
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VietnamGear Nov 30
1966 In , the South Constituent Assembly starts to draw-up draft articles for a new constitution.
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Richard J Catherall Nov 26
Another new haunt as part of my emerging mahi in the really rather wonderful 's our bakery
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When in Taiwan... Nov 29
...the new fruit on the block is Gấc. A melon. 木鱉果
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Gulf Today Nov 28
Vietnamese fashion designer Nguyen Duc Loc encourages youth to choose heritage
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Naomi Kitahara Nov 27
For those who missed last night's concert "Girls Deserve to Shine" or those who want to watch it again, the video is available in below link. How talentful girls are! proud to have supported this fantastic symphonic concert!!
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Ramon Antonio Dec 2
This is where one will find the Bún Chả in . outside on the , then brought inside and dressed with , 030418.
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PrinceKari Nov 25
Having a roommate is so nice 😤 stay introducing me to some good ass food lol
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Varsha Bhowmik Nov 28
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Save Your NOLA Library #NOon2 Nov 25
Replying to @savenolalibrary
is in their 2nd tweet ♥️📚
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Fern Nov 29
Vietnamese NGOs had raised concerns about the to little avail. They hope the and Governments will expand participation. Subscribe to our Forest Governance Newsletter for more updates:
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Eric Dec 1
I love Wether it’s it’s all good.
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Tuyet Van Huynh Nov 26
*****HELP**** Does anyone have any information or stories they know about the Trung Sisters? Images / texts ... anything please. Thanks! DM :)
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Indo-Pacific News Nov 26
Replying to @IndoPac_Info
6) A great video of the upgraded T-54M tank Just imagine those large ERA blocks around the turret & front if they were to be added to the T-72B1MS upgrade! The T-54 get rejuvenated & comes alive with this upgrade, new sensors & electronics
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Christoph Prommersberger 14h
Today we organized business to business matchmaking in form in cooperation with and . ASEAN5 trade mission participants from the joined online and their potential business partners in real life.
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Authentic Food Quest Nov 30
Street Made Refreshing Sugarcane Juice Vietnam
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Mai Vu Nov 26
Happy Thanksgiving! My kids wanted a non-traditional meal as it will be just our immediate family. We went old school and made food and ended the night with matcha cheesecake. I am for time with my family.
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Dr Indigo Willing OAM Dec 3
December 2020 is ending the year highlighting some amazing artists in Vietnamese diaspora. Follow her hashtag 📚📖 My pick is an older but exceptional memoir “I Love Yous are for White People” by Lac Su (2009)
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