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Scott Joray Jan 15
Thank you for giving us an instant Soilwork classic. One of the greatest songs I have ever heard.
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Matt Z Jan 16
Awesome job dudes! Truly epic album
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Donna #paulryaneatspeople Jan 18
Enter to win a giveaway package by !
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Deutinho Jan 16
Amazing! Abosolute Masterpiece!
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Marco Tulio Morales Jan 15
Do you remember choosing death when we were young? We let the darker moments flourish And kept our destiny shunned (Now we're taking its side) Now there is nothing left from when we used to run In the valleys of our dreams we'd already sold the sun!!!
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HeavyMetalDude Jan 11
why is there no physical release in Australia for the new album???
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Brightonsfinest Jan 15
"If this is the first you’ve heard of Soilwork, you may be surprised to find that they have been going for over 20 years, and have recently released their 11th studio album." Album Review: – Verkligheten
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is unreal. crafted a masterpiece instrumentally, and especially lyrically. Pure poetry put to music. I can't say enough, every metal fan needs to hear this album.
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[RzH]Alex Drinkwater Jan 16
Well have done it again. is an unbelievable album.
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James 2h
This was a great interview. Speed dropped some serious insights. I love this album more and more every day.
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Vapor_Trail Jan 14
Replying to @Soilwork
“Arrival”, “The Nurturing Glance”, “Witan”, “Summerburned and Winterblown” & “The Undying Eye”!!!
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Stephen M Jan 11
New album has landed on This will be a fine Friday
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Ten Demons Jan 10
waiting for tomorrow!! Cheers!!!
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Justin Buffalo Jan 11
The new album by is killer! What a great and heavy way to start the new year in music!
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Jeff Broussard Jan 11
I kinda feel sorry for those around me. I'm going to be jamming this new album for a while.
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Scott Clark Jan 11
put out today! Making my whole damn weekend! Great album fellas. Still digesting it and trying to pinpoint my personal highlights but this thing is really great!
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Dan Harvala Jan 11
Listening to the new album by on repeat for the foreseeable future. You know, except for when I gotta pick up the kids 🙄
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Oskar Jan 11
Just bought this beauty at Google play Love you guys. I can't make it to copenhagen nor Stockholm this year. Please come to at the end of the year ♥️😁🤘🏼
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(out now on ) "[...] is still a heavy and hard-hitting piece of metal [...] despite the melodic elements receiving a steroid injection", concludes our editor AP in his review of 's new album:
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Erik Jan 10
Stålfågel sounds so good with the layered vocal tracks! It's a contender for my favorite track so far
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