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Daniela Dragan Nov 2
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VW USA Customer CARE Oct 12
Replying to @TheFamousFilms
Welcome to the family, and congrats on your first VW! You're going to love your new Jetta! 😍 💫 ✨ ✌️ -BB
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VW USA Customer CARE Nov 4
Replying to @ElFromOlympos
Congratulations on your new purchase, and welcome to the VW family!! -NN 👍🚗
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Adam Lamb Feb 25
t shirt to mark the end of production of the iconic beetle. Message for info
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Hope everyone's having a great week! Much ❤️ and appreciation to all our loving ✌️ 📷 - Julie Morrow
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Toad Nov 10
Good morning from BugJam 2019 in Dade City. Had a blast last night with and at
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VW USA Customer CARE Oct 17
Replying to @ilaments
Fantastic-looking new Arteon, Lisa! Congratulations! ✨ 👍 😍 ⚡ 🕶️ -BB
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DucatiSplit Jul 30
After a 600mile round trip to North Devon the old boy has done us proud. ❤️ ~ …
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Having some that we don't show enough appreciation 🤔🙈 Let's fix that right away! 📷 - tylerobrian70 on Insta
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Isakitou Dec 18
hrspringslp doing the right thing 🚗 mk7owners
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Help us ring in this ! 🔔 How's our doing today? 📷 - Jason Michaleas
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Manu Campa Feb 17
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Robin Pieters Sep 25
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Dave O Jan 27
As you can see, my family has been a Volkswagen family since the early 70’s!!! I send all my family and friends to nowadays - but back in 1971, my Uncle Jay bought a VW in Omaha. Pretty sweet old receipt I came across today!
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Jorge Luis Lopez Esq Jan 31
RT : The 2020 Passat, leave them wanting more❣️ #2020 …
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Amanda M. Ewing Jan 11
Replying to @VW
we LOVE our 2014 Passat and our 2018 Atlas
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R U S T Y Mar 25
Been away from the for too long, just didn't feel right. Picked up this wee beaut or a Polo GTi
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ander Aug 28
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Frank Mancuso ✈️ Jan 4
My son asked for a GTI, this will have to do for now! 🖤❤️💛
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Kelly Bazzle May 18
Moose and the kids will appreciate this much more than the Accord! Especially when we have to hit the road to see family during this upcoming deployment. Thanks so much for your amazing customer service, Drake! (Not my husband) 😂
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