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Joanna Peña-Bickley Jun 30
5 Common Challenges for Agencies and Enterprises Managing Multimodal Content and How to Approach Them:
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Accedo Jul 1
In our latest blog post, we explore five ways video consumption habits are changing -
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Sarah Storm Nov 20
Looking forward to diving into this study on the impact of using human voices in (Iterate, iterate, iterate with *synthetics* though. I'm not saying you need a recording session every time you want to test an interaction.)
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Project Voice Jun 25
Pleased to announce Voiceflow () as the newest Presenting Sponsor of Project Voice 2021. Taking place in-person January 11-15 in See email announcement here:
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Mindgeist May 29
Fully inspired by and , no video apl animations and effects. For our, soon to be released, new trivia skill.
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Accedo Jun 19
Hear from some of the expert vendors in the marketplace to see why they decided to join our integrated Partner Program.
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Michal Stanislawek Jun 16
One of a kind this week! Join us to discuss building for space travel 🚀🛰️ with a very special guest! We gather for the 25th time and we will be present at main stage!
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Joanna Peña-Bickley Jun 29
Alexa gains yet another cool feature Amazon Music users will find very convenient. |
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Joanna Peña-Bickley 10h
Which cars have Amazon Alexa built in? Here’s a complete list: |
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Bradley Metrock Dec 6
Promo graphic for More Than Just Weather And Music: 200 Ways To Use Alexa - will be showing up in a variety of outlets.
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VUX World Jan 27
Are you ready for 2.0? Contextual based interactions first world
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Nieves Ábalos Nov 20
Hi designers 👋 Which of these is the first activity you do to design a conversation for a ?
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3 Ways to Give Your App a Personality, featuring top Voice Talent Michael Schwengel and Michelle Sundholm.
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Bret Kinsella (read Jan 15
I don’t know who is interviewing who but I know who has the branding on this one.
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Correct Call-to-Action Recall by Users is Twice as High for Human Voices as Synthetic for Voice Apps -
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Daniel Mittendorf Apr 28
Jesús Martin, formerly part of the Alexa Team, considers my Stream Player as one of the best Multimodal experiences for ! Thank you! That is really kind! 🙂
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Eric Olson Jan 24
Do you think there'll ever be a day where first future-hipsters and then the general public will look back on old devs' weird early experiments and think "wow, that skill for cheating your friends at dice WAS really creative and nobody noticed..."? Asking for a friend...
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TrinityAudio Jan 28
A sign voice control is close to being a must-have TV feature, even if it's used for basic functions mostly. It's all about efficiency with and the simplicity of user experience facilitates.
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Karol Stryja Jun 17
I always say, people divide into those who LOVE TO EAT and all the others. So is super right about it - It's always a time somewhere! Thanks Maaike for that delicious piece of art!
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Bret Kinsella (read Nov 20
Lots of great data here...measuring preferences. Thanks to . "New Report Says Consumers Have 71% Preference for Human Over Robot Voices for Voice Assistant User Experience" -
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