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John L. 23h
Replying to @MatthewHootonNZ
Actually NZ needs a new PM also as a matter of fact a change in govt.
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🖕🏼nunya bizness🖕🏼 #Resist 💪🏼 Mar 24
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Jina Jay Mar 16
Always vote. Always stand up for what is right.
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Rosie 32m
Time to vote out Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham & the rest of Trump's cronies!! How much more are the American people willing to let slide
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Critical Mas Mar 23
Replying to @WhiteHouse
Theatrics of two Dictators in the making. Not for long though. Liberation is coming.
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MikeeZero 4h
You know how in every quality video game there's that sub-boss whom you have to do battle with and they end up being harder to beat than the main nemesis of the game? That's McConnell.
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Karen Letizia 3h
how can you lie!! So many people associated with the President indicted. Some plead guilty!! Mueller stated that president not exonerated for Obstruction. I am appalled at the lack of honesty and transparency .
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Kerri Braxton Mar 24
The liberals won't shut up though.
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Mike G 4h
Replying to @Nate_Verst24
After MOST of those worthless in the SWAMP line their and their families pockets with small fortunes. Oh wait, let's not forget the PACs that help get them elected. What about the other special interests that line the pockets of their reelection efforts.
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Roderick Morris 49m
Replying to @SenateGOP
This is nothing more than a PR stunt to try and gain support for the Republican Party! It's not a vote for anything other than the Re-Election of the Republican Party in 2020! !
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T.m.  smith 10h
Replying to @KipBateman @nj1015
Since more than 60% of New Jersey residents want marijuana legalized looks like you're going to be voted out Kippy. The majority of New Jersey residents who want prohibition to end are also the same people that will be voting.
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Justine Bucknell Mar 21
Well worth the read. We have the opportunity to change the bureaucracies this year.
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BasementCatERE 4h
Replying to @senatemajldr
Then why are you blocking the release of the report?
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Stop Bad Guys Mar 24
Vote our your terrible representatives.
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K M Reavis 46m
Replying to @Mimirocah1
Can we get some real info??? Why is it everything Don the con touches it seems untrue, phony (drs,lawyers etc..)
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Pamela Walker 4h
The has only served to energize Americans to . We aren't falling for it and we aren't having it!
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Kari Brooks 4h
Here’s a list of all the GOP Senators up for Re-Election in 2020
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Bernie2020 14h
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Huzaifa Shahbaz 5h
Democrats who attended AIPAC, we have our eyes on you until your next election cycle.
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Virginia Lady 6h
Folks imagined the SCO would do all the work for them, and are disappointed. They need to snap out of it: even if Mueller hauled Trump off in irons, his odious appointees and enablers would still gum up the works. The answer? Get off you asses and
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