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M*s*c*l R*s*st*nc* 53m
I wonder if South Yemenis were deemed "too Marxist" for Soviets because they didn't believe in the vile authoritarian class division of "secretariat-proletariat"? Soviet ideology was vile in it's protection of corrupt rich political class at expense of intellectuals/workers
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ᖇIᑕᕼᗩᖇᗪ ᗩᒪᒪEᑎ 8m
Replying to @stevecherries
Oh yesssss very happy 👍🏻 see you soon bruv
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Mel Smith 5h
You’re lovely 😊
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Helen Aug 16
What a shameful tweet.......😡 You call ordinary voters in a democratic decision 'cowards' because they're going to upset your gravy train. FYI, you wouldn't recognise the British Lion if it was staring you in the face.
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Deno Dess 20h
KANASONGA Video will be on next month Date 15 second Sunday of the month...
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Nadezhda 1h
Take, take, take and give nothing... Exactly the same behaviour with her eating up all the food.
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Claire Aug 14
Can’t believe has just scratched her vagina and shoved her fingers in someone’s face to sniff! That Lucas definitely doesn’t get paid enough to smell the GC’s bits!
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Leo Aug 9
Replying to @TomiLahren
No credibility no speak out on anything
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Ruth Lovell Aug 17
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Danielle 🏳️‍🌈🧙🏻‍♀️ Aug 16
I'm sorry but why is Gemma scratching her vagina and sniffing it on tv? and I'm for watching this shite
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Sophie Willoughby 21h
Put gone of milk in my porridge oats without realising, put it in microwave as you do, took a spoonful of it and well, not my day world. 🤮
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J Johnston Aug 16
now her breath smells like her pits 🤮🤢🤮🤢
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Nicola neal Aug 14
its one of the biggest days in your kids lives, A level results day Imagine not knowing his grades, what his future holds, what courses he chose, Imagine not knowing his GCSEs results, what options he took in year 9. Imagine this kid was your kid & you didnt know / care
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" please read the group netiquette in the pinned annoucement "
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David 15h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
You really are disgraceful
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I'm a Proud member of #TheSquad🇺🇸 Aug 16
Replying to @CLewandowski_
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sarah daisy Aug 15
Replying to @KyleRichards
How much money are you making off this? How's the lawsuit doing? Remember if you have to testify you can't lie. Good luck with that since everyone knows that you don't tell truth.
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James Zany Aug 15
Replying to @ananavarro
so VILE Omar+Talib want to eliminate our homeland security dept. / they want ICE abolished. they hate America.they hate Israel and they are for open borders.they support Hamas+Anitfa.they are national security threats here! lastly they signed on to a bill to boycott Isreal!
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🇬🇧🇪🇺🎃Brexit Top Tips, Esq.🎃🇪🇺🇬🇧 #FBPE Aug 15
Hey Siri, show me a tweet with two people at the very opposite extremes of humanity? Siri: “Arron Banks is a vile example of a human, whilst Greta Thunberg represents humanity at its very you want me to continue?”
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Anenglishgirlabroad🇬🇧 Aug 15
Taken from shitbook..... The award goes to this absolute cock of a mother...🤬🤬🤬🤬👊🤛 Needs a swift left hook me thinks.
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